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Two Questions That Can Keep Sales Reps from Underperforming

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Oct 29, 2013 @ 08:10 AM

Calculating salesYou can’t survive without a sales staff, but if your sales representatives are getting just a couple of key things wrong, they can waste a lot of time and resources and be much more of a drain on your company than they ought to be.

Below are two questions that can help you change behaviors that may be costing your company a pretty penny and keeping your sales reps from reaching their true sales potential. 

1. Is the rep contacting leads too frequently?

One mistake sales reps make is contacting clients too frequently and without putting a lot of thought into why they’re reaching out again. If you’ve got a sales rep who’s constantly complaining that all he or she ever gets is voicemail, chances are the rep is calling way too much, and that prospects and leads are finding their interactions with the rep unfulfilling, unhelpful, or just a plain nuisance.

Setting too many face-to-face and online appointments can be bothersome to prospects and leads, too. Reps tend to want to pitch the whole store, but most potential customers are really only interested in hearing about the solutions that speak to their most pressing pain points. Reps that can identify pain points and what leads are most interested in learning about and respond appropriately are more likely to experience regular success than reps that cast out every line and give each product and service equal weight during sales pitches and presentations.

2. Does the rep complain that your pricing is too high or that leads are too low-quality?

If a rep is complaining that leads are repeatedly saying that your pricing is too high or that the leads you want called aren't high-quality leads, it may be that the rep isn’t proving the value of your products and services. While it could be that your pricing really is too high or that you are simply targeting the wrong leads, you should always pay attention when any sales rep makes these types of complaints—especially when other reps on your team aren’t saying the same things. The complaining rep may need more training and a better understanding of how to deliver your company’s message or campaign.

In the absence of complaints, how do you find out if sales reps are calling too much or setting too many unnecessary appointments? How do you know if they aren’t proving the value of your products and services and need more training?

In a Corp! Magazine article published last year, Vendere Partners Vice President Sean O’Neil recommended analyzing metrics associated with the items below.

  • Win amount
  • Win percentage
  • Ability to predict when wins will occur
  • Sales pipeline flow
  • Account penetration
  • New account acquisition

Collective and individual sales numbers can speak volumes, but getting a true picture of how your team members are performing requires analyzing many other items that relate to performance levels. Just as your sales reps need to understand leads’ pain points in order to be more effective, you need to understand your sales team’s pain points in order to change behaviors, empower your staff—and, of course, save and make more money.

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