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Just for Fun: 6 Appointment Setting Jokes

Posted by Vendere Team on Wed, Oct 23, 2013 @ 15:10 PM

Laughing at appointment setting jokesThe challenges B2B companies face when it comes to appointment setting are no joke. After all, if not enough appointments are set, it’s practically guaranteed that not enough sales will occur. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy making fun of the process every once in a while! Below are six appointment setting-inspired sales jokes that will help you make light of your appointment setting woes.

Joke #1

“The person who answers the next question correctly doesn’t have to meet his or her sales appointment setting goals this month,” the VP of sales boldly announced to his sales team.

 A headset promptly flew across the room.

“Who did that?“ asked the VP.

“Me!” cried a voice from the back. “Thanks so much. I’m really looking forward to taking a month off.”

Joke #2

“How many sales appointments do you plan to set this quarter?” the green salesman asked the company’s longstanding top salesperson.

Said the top salesperson, “All of them.”

Joke #3

Sales manager: How many appointments have you set today?
Sales rep: Three!
Sales manager: Do you think they’ll result in sales?
Sales rep: If it turns out my hairdresser, babysitter and therapist are interested in purchasing VolP phone systems, there’s always that possibility, right?

Joke #4

“Why would you hire me to help you streamline your B2B appointment setting processes?” the recent college graduate asked the human resources manager.

“See that man yelling at the postal carrier?” the human resources manager replied, “He’s trying to set appointments using voicemail.”

Joke #5

Conversation overheard at a B2B sales event:

Q: How many sales reps does it take to set three B2B sales appointments each month that are guaranteed to generate significant revenue?
A: One, if you have quality leads lists, marketing support, the right CRM, and a sales rep who doesn’t need sleep.
Q: And if you don’t have all those things?
A: The good news is you don't need any. The bad news is you're out of business.

Joke #6

You know you’ve hired the wrong B2B appointment setting firm when they score appointments not as hot, cold, warm, or in need of nurturing, but as tricks or treats.

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