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Study Shows Marketers Need Better Databases, More Automation

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Sep 24, 2013 @ 09:09 AM

Engaging in lead generation is becoming the norm, a recent Person utilizing keyboard and mousestudy by BtoB indicates. Almost half of the marketers that participated in the study claimed to participate in lead generation.

The study also made clear that there is a need for more effective lead generation, and specifically, that better databases and more marketing automation are needed. According to an article published by BtoB earlier this month, the study reflected that “the depth and accuracy of customer databases was a greater concern among marketers this year, cited by 44% of respondents, compared with 40% last year.”

Almost all marketers and sales teams struggle to maintain accurate customer databases. It isn’t easy to train all team members to make regular updates to your CRM, understand your lead scoring qualifications and parameters, and score leads appropriately, especially when employee turnover is high. It can also be impractical and costly. Maintaining an effective training (and employee behavior monitoring) program just for lead generation purposes is simply too much for some companies to bear.

Supplementing internal lists of leads with purchased lists or leads derived from outside sources can also be problematic. It can be difficult to determine the accuracy of the information in external lists. It can also be difficult to integrate outside lists into a CRM appropriately, whether they’re integrated automatically or manually.

Developing and analyzing lead generation reports that show clear, accurate results can be too taxing on some companies. Solid reporting processes have to be created and carried out, and significant expertise has to be applied to findings in order to make the high-level decisions that will yield desired results.

Other lead generation challenges that all B2B companies are likely face at certain growth points include integrating marketing automation tools into an existing CRM and aligning marketing automation processes with sales processes and cycles.

How can database accuracy and marketing automation challenges be overcome?


It goes without saying that Vendere Partners is a fan of B2B companies that see the value in outsourcing lead generation, but we’re certainly not the only fans of outsourcing lead generation and related tasks. There are countless independent studies and reports that are now showing that outsourcing lead generation is becoming a standard practice.

When it comes to meeting database accuracy challenges, outsourcing may very well be your best solution. In a previous blog post, Vendere explained, “Third-party databases are manageable for lead generation companies that are capable of separating the wheat from the chaff by qualifying, scoring, and nurturing third-party leads using professional prospect managers and established criteria.” If you’re working with a lead generation company that not only has its own homegrown, well-maintained and highly accurate proprietary database, but is capable of cleansing leads lists obtained through other sources, you can potentially save your company from going through a lot of costly internal trials and errors.

Sales management consulting services and outsourced training solutions can also support your efforts to keep your internal database accurate, your sales pipeline flowing and your internal resources from being strained.

You might also take into consideration that a truly professional B2B lead generation provider is likely going to have high-level reporting capabilities, the ability to make smart marketing automation recommendations, and the tools, expertise and technologies in place that will make integrating with your internal systems relatively painless.

In addition to reviewing presentations, case studies and customer testimonials, to find the best B2B lead generation provider for your business, you should draft and deliver a well-crafted request for proposal/pricing (RFP). Contact Vendere for a free, no-obligation lead generation consultation. The Vendere team will not only be happy to recommend lead generation solutions, but to provide you with RFP question suggestions that you can use to vet any prospective lead generation provider.

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