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Jazzing up Your B2B Sales Event Attendance

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Sep 3, 2013 @ 08:09 AM

Your B2B sales event, whether it’s a seminar, luncheon, workshop,B2B sales event meeting space trade show, road show or other sales event, is going to be most effective if it concentrates less on prospects (and prospecting) and more on warm and hot sales leads.

The version of the jazz standard, “Romance Without Finance,” recorded with saxophonist Charlie Parker, includes the lyrics:

Romance without finance is a nuisance. (Most definitely.)
Baby, you know I need me some gold.
Romance without finance just don’t make sense. (Sure don’t.)
Mama, mama, please give up that gold.

When it comes to sales events, targeting an audience of leads that you’ve already been nurturing is going to pay off a lot more than targeting an audience of prospects. Like Charlie Parker might have told you of he’d been a B2B man instead of a sax-wielding jazz innovator, romancing a prospect at a costly sales event is a nuisance that really doesn’t make sense; what does make sense is using your sales event to romance, i.e., nurture, sales leads that are already interested in your products and services to the point of sale.

The key to driving warm and hot leads to your sales event rather than prospects is knowing which potential customers are prospects and which are leads. In order to recognize the difference, you have to qualify and score your prospects properly prior to your event.

Qualified prospects are prospects that would be viable customers. In other words, qualified prospects are prospects that have a need for your products and services, the funds to purchase your products and services, and have the potential to make a worthwhile contribution to your company’s bottom line.

Scored prospects are qualified prospects that have been clearly identified, using specific criteria, as either having demonstrated little or no interest in your products and services, a mild interest in your products and services, or a high level of interest in your products and services.

It’s great to have a list of qualified prospects in your back pocket, but not all qualified customers should be invited to your costly sales event. As you might guess, it’s those leads that have demonstrated a mild interest in your products and services, i.e. warm leads, and leads that have demonstrated a high level of interest in your products and services, i.e. hot leads, that should probably be invited to your event.

Lead qualification and scoring are most easily accomplished through a combination of tele-prospecting and e-mail marketing campaigns—and through high-level data analyses and reporting.

If tele-prospecting, e-mail marketing, and generating accurate analyses and reports internally is too much of a burden, consider outsourcing these functions to a reputable B2B lead generation provider. By outsourcing these functions to a reputable provider, you can focus on meeting the needs of event attendees that already have a verifiable interest in what it is you have to offer rather than on determining which contacts you ought to invite to your sales event in order ensure that the event will pay off.

Do you want to jazz up your sales event attendance? Engaging in lead qualification and lead scoring is the first step towards acquiring sales-ready event attendees.

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