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When It Comes to Cold Calling, Use the Script, but Be Yourself

Posted by Vendere Team on Wed, Aug 14, 2013 @ 06:08 AM

There are several benefits to using a sales script when making cold calls. Using a sales cold call b2b lead generation
script ensures that you keep your message consistent. If you say something different to each prospect at the first touch, you run the risk of repeating yourself later on or going off an a tangent that takes you away from the real purpose of your call. A well-rehearsed script can also make you sound and feel competent and professional, and help your conversations maintain a sensible flow.

Seasoned sales professionals know the value of a good script because it’s probably a good script that helped them launch their careers. Eventually, they may not need to actually look at a script during a cold call, but that’s usually only because the script has become so ingrained in their psyches that they can pull out the script in their heads, perhaps without even realizing it! That said, even the most experienced, knowledgeable sales professionals are apt to jot down a few, script-like bullets before an important call in order to ensure that they will make all of the points they need to make.

New-hires benefit from sales scripts for obvious reasons. Scripts provide them with the knowledge they need, help them get comfortable with what might be new verbiage, and give them quick access to tools that will help them overcome any reluctance on the part of the prospect. Sales scripts are training tools. With a solid script in hand, it is possible for someone with limited or no sales experience to pick up the phone and make a sale.

It’s normal to worry that using a script will make you sound impersonal or canned. It can feel unnatural to use a new sales script.

The best way to overcome feeling like your script is making you come across like a robot is to practice it. No professional speaker walks onto a stage with an idea about what they’re going to say, but no real plan. It takes work to make a sales script feel like it’s your own. Practice it with real prospects as well as independently. If a portion of your script isn’t working for you after you’ve rehearsed it and used it for several days or longer, speak to your sales manager or superior about improving or changing a section that doesn’t seem to be working. Chances are that your coworkers are having similar difficulties with the same section, and that the script may need some revising.

Using a sales script doesn’t require that you take on another persona or be someone other than yourself during a cold call. However, to be successful at cold calling, you do have to learn to make the script your own. This is best accomplished through practice, study, and seeing that revisions to the script are made as needed.

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