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Three Simple, Everyday Lead Nurturing Tips

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Jul 23, 2013 @ 06:07 AM

There are large-scale lead nurturing campaigns such as email nurturing campaigns Business man petting piggy bankthat push a new aspect of a new product or telemarketing campaigns that offer a new discount or free trial, and then there are the small things that sales representatives can do every day to nurture individual leads on a personal level.

If you’ve ever found yourself searching for a valid reason to reach out to a lead and keep the conversation going, here are three lead nurturing tips that you may find useful:

1. Send an informal, personalized e-mail—not another pitch.

Find a recent online article that is relevant to the discussions you’ve had with your lead in the past. Then, send a simple e-mail to the lead that explains that the article made you think of them. Provide a link to the article, and point to something specific in the article that you think the lead will find of interest. Your tone should be casual, but thoughtful. Keep in mind that while you can point to content generated by your own company, a link to an article by an outside, trustworthy source will likely have more of an impact than a case study or white paper generated internally when your intention is to build a relationship rather than simply make another pitch.

2. Engage with the lead on their social media turf.

Does your lead’s company have a group LinkedIn page? Join the group. Is your lead a member of other groups on LinkedIn? Join those groups, too. Then, participate! If your lead comments on or starts a particular discussion, join the conversation and respond directly to the lead’s comments. Even if your lead doesn’t appear to actively contribute to group discussions, you can bet that seeing your name pop up again and again in the online venues they frequent will make you seem more familiar and clued-in when it comes to the topics about which the lead cares most. Seeming (and being) familiar and clued-in can certainly be to your advantage when it’s time for the lead you’re nurturing to pull the trigger and make a final purchasing decision.

3. Call and pay a sincere compliment.

Did your lead recently publish in an article in a local or trade magazine or author an article that appeared in their company’s e-newsletter? Do you know that your lead was involved in the development of a new product or service that their company recently launched? Call the lead and let them know that you were impressed by something specific about something for which they’re directly responsible. They say that flattery will get you everywhere, but you will get in a lead’s good graces faster by paying a sincere compliment, so make sure your positive comments are crisp and concise rather than vague. Saying that you liked their article or product launch campaign isn’t enough. Having something positive to say about a point made in their article or a particular aspect of their product launch will give you and your lead a lot more to discuss.

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