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Safeguarding Your Sales Pipeline through Qualified Appointment Setting

Posted by Vendere Team on Wed, Jul 10, 2013 @ 10:07 AM

What would you do if your best salespersonleft database lead generationunexpectedly—and took their leads and relationships with them? Would you scramble to train less experienced sales staff? Would you try to hire a new sales expert? How would you handle the losses that would inevitably come during the time it would take to reinvigorate your sales department? Could your business handle those losses?

The one thing you don’t have to worry about when you outsource appointment setting functions is keeping your sales pipeline full. Whether your best salesperson makes a sudden exit or some other shift in your sales department occurs that has the potential to drastically impact your sales numbers, effective third-party appointment setters can keep the hot leads rolling in and greatly reduce your chances of experiencing significant losses as you regroup or reconfigure your sales team.

Even large companies that may be less concerned with losing one of their top salespeople can experience shifts in their organizations that make outsourcing appointment setting functions key to their success. Budgets get cut, layoffs occur, mergers that require shifts in sales management and processes happen, and valued salespeople get promoted or transferred. When these things happen, the one thing that almost no organization can afford is a sales pipeline that is full of holes. Fortunately, qualified appointment setting services can fill those gaps.

In an article put forth by Forbes earlier this year, contributing writer Larry Myler explained, “The presentation itself is rarely the challenge; getting the presentation set up is. Your success as an entrepreneur/sales person requires you to become a proficient appointment setter.” At Vendere Partners, we could agree more—if you manage your appointment setting tasks internally. Nevertheless, we like to ask the question: What would you be able to accomplish if the sales appointment was set up for you? 

We like to ask this question because we know that in addition to safeguarding your small, medium, or large company’s sales pipeline by keeping the hot leads coming, outsourcing appointment setting functions enables internal sales professionals to make the most out of their time. Why waste time setting appointments when you could spend it making sales?

If you’re interested in learning more about how qualified appointment setting services can safeguard your company’s sales pipeline and make your sales team more productive, click here to request a free consultation. To register to download a brochure on qualified appointment setting, click here.

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