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Lead Nurturing, Part Two: Tearing Down Walls and Building a Foundation

Posted by Vendere Team on Wed, Jul 3, 2013 @ 06:07 AM

Last week’s blog post explained how lead nurturing requires Business man holding piggy banksetting expectations and cultivating trust. Today’s blog post is focused on how lead nurturing also requires tearing down walls and building a foundation.

Tearing Down Walls

The first walls you need to tear down between you and a prospect or lead are those that block continual communications. To tear these walls down, you have to uncover or determine how and when the lead wants to communicate with you, and then follow up appropriately.

Have you ever repeatedly called on a lead at the same time each day or week, per a task list or customer relationship management tool reminder, only to come to expect that the lead isn’t going to pick up, that you will leave a message similar to the last one you left, and that the lead won’t return your call? Have you ever asked yourself why you keep calling at the same time and leaving the same type of message, despite your apparent lack of success? If not, you’re not alone. Even the most experienced sales professionals can get so caught up in routines and processes that they forget to put the lead first.

The best way to find out how and when a lead wants to communicate with you is to ask! Do it at the first touch, whether you’re reaching out by phone, e-mail, or some other method.

Building a Foundation

To build a foundation with a lead, you have to understand the lead’s pain points and points of interest, and then, practice excellent time management and work the lead’s needs into your sales routine.

Finding out a lead’s pain points and points of interest can take time, but as a lead nurturer, you should never be discouraged by the frequently patience-testing quest to gain a better understanding of your potential client. Why? Each time you find out another important piece of information, you improve your ability to remove another brick between you and the consumer. Just remember to use the information you gain! It does you no good to gain a better understanding of your lead’s concerns and interest levels if you don’t use your better understanding to better serve and engage the prospect.

Do you know the names of your lead’s biggest competitors? Research those competitors and put together a strategy that details ways your lead may be able to outdo them—with your company’s help. Has the lead wondered aloud whether or not your company’s services will meet his or her company’s unique needs? Develop the market intelligence that supports or proves that your services and solutions will meet the lead’s needs and solve specific problems. Put off menial sales tasks and do this type of thoughtful, back-end work at a time of day you typically feel productive and fresh. You will find that you are not only able to remove more barriers to sale with greater ease, but to stretch and grow as a sales professional at an accelerated pace.

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