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Preventing High—and Costly—B2B Sales Employee Turnover

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, May 21, 2013 @ 06:05 AM

We’ve all seen the Enterprise commercials in which the actor pitchingemployee team the rental car company’s services says, “We’ll pick you up.” At least one of these commercials goes on to explain that it was one of Enterprise’s employees who came up with the pick-up idea. After one or two Google searches, you’ll discover that the employee who came up with the idea came up with it while working as a branch manager at one of the company’s Florida locations. The idea made its way to those at the company’s executive level, and eventually, changed the face of Enterprise, now the largest rental car company in the world, forever.

At Vendere Partners, we’re always a little puzzled when we meet resistance when speaking with a business owner or sales manager regarding their need for sales management consulting services and/or better hiring and training processes. Some of them feel that they will only receive information already know, or that all they will get out of better hiring and training processes are employees who know enough to move on to greener pastures sooner rather than later.

At Vendere, we often argue that third-party sales management consulting services and solid hiring and training processes are critical if you want to obtain the right B2B sales employees and retain them. We also argue that analyzing what potential B2B sales candidates have to offer closely and obtaining employee feedback are incredibly important if you really want to learn how to identify gaps in performance, holes in your sales funnel, growth potential, sales pipeline capacity, and identify and resolve inadequate or ineffective recruiting and training practices.

Enterprise may not be particularly B2B-focused, but listening to employees certainly seems to have worked well for the car rental giant, which, according to a 2012 STLToday.com article, “grew its revenue nearly 5 percent in fiscal 2012 and expanded its global footprint,” despite a challenging economy.

What is your company or organization missing out on by not listening to its potential B2B sales candidates and current employees? Are you consistently giving them opportunities to present valuable information and feedback? What cost-benefits are you missing out on by not taking into consideration employee opinions on your policies and procedures? Do you know what your employees think would help them to better serve your customers and increase sales? Most importantly, do you know how to obtain and analyze the data you need to recruit, train, keep, and make the most out of your B2B sales candidates and employees?

Partnering with the right third-party sales management consultant can be the key to quickly realizing the cost-benefits of implementing better recruiting and training practices and listening harder to your current B2B sales employees. Even if you don’t currently have complex recruiting strategies and employee survey programs in place, an objective sales management consultant with experience in your industry should be able to derive from your sales data and metrics the information you need to make key improvements that will drive sales and prevent high and costly B2B sales employee turnover.

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