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How to Run Successful B2B Email Marketing Campaigns

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, May 7, 2013 @ 06:05 AM

There’s no doubt that email marketing will remain one of the most Blue email marketing campaigncost-effective and useful tools for B2B marketers in 2013. In 2012, a dizzying number of new studies appeared on the Internet that proved the overall success of B2B email marketing campaigns. The most successful B2B email campaigns in 2012 appeared to be driven by two things: data/metrics analysis and strategic content.

In order for a B2B email marketing campaign, or any email marketing campaign, for that matter, to be driven by data/metrics analysis, companies have to do more than analyze their click-throughs and opens. They have to use their e-mail marketing data to improve their email marketing campaigns and build upon them. If you get no response to a free offer or coupon, it may be in your best interest to offer something different. If a large number of respondents are interested in a certain solution, your response may be to build a new, more narrow e-mail marketing campaign that really drills down and focuses on that solution.

Companies also have to know their goals in order to run a successful B2B emarketing campaign. It can seem like a win if a particular article in an enewsletter or eblast gets a lot of attention, but if that article doesn’t do anything to generate interest in your company’s services or solutions or result in worthwhile leads, there’s not a whole lot of reason to cheer about the article’s high opens-per-opener rate.

Content marketers who are clear about your goals, understand your market, and know your customers are often undervalued, but the reality is that they’re the most valuable assets to any e-mail marketing campaign. Too often, company heads and sales managers at mid-size and small companies, in particular, think that they’re saving time and money by handing off the tasks associated with content generation to an in-house sales rep or other internal personnel (i.e., people who aren’t professional writers), but the truth is that handing off such tasks to people that lack experience in content generation actually causes companies to lose time and money. Just because someone has a lot of knowledge about your company and/or may be a skilled sales professional does not mean that he or she is able to generate email marketing content that is strategic and in alignment with your short and long-term goals.

A mistake that companies of all sizes often make is the mistake of relying on a third-party email template provider’s copywriters to generate their content. If you’re interested in running a series of eblasts that contain very focused offers, an e-mail template provider’s copywriters may be a good, cost-effective option for you. If, on the other hand, you want to develop an email marketing methodology that is adaptable and will serve your company over time, a copywriter at a large firm that is not solely focused or specialized in content generation is probably not going to be able to deliver the high-level goods you’re going to need to generate leads and drive sales consistently over time. In other words, if you’re a shoe e-tailer and simply want to promote a new brand, line, or offer each week or month, basic copywriting services may work for you. If you’re a B2B technology business that offers complex technologies and products coupled with consulting or other professional services, an e-mail template provider's basic copywriting services will likely disappoint.

How can you be sure to enlist the right content marketing generator for your B2B company? You can hire one. You can find an independent freelancer with a client list and resume that reflect that the freelancer has experience in your industry and a track record of success. You can seek out a content generation firm. You can also rely on Vendere Partners. At Vendere, we take pride in the fact that we are partnered with a content generation firm that is specialized and can develop high-level email marketing methodologies and more for Vendere and its clients. Curious? Click here to learn more about Vendere’s converged sales and marketing services.

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