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The Growing Pains that Sales Outsourcing Can Make All Better

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Mar 26, 2013 @ 06:03 AM

Most company leaders that aren’t in the position to launch or revamp a full-scale sales department do one of three things. They either pull some of their best innovators and business strategists away from innovating and strategizing and into sales, put employees who aren’t excelling in any particular area into sales, or hire a couple of new sales reps and hope and pray that they deliver, even inUpward business growth the absence of well-established training, rewards, and monitoring processes. They think, Hey, if the new guys can’t hack it, we’ll just fire them and hire guys that can hack it.

Whenever a company’s sales budget and other resources are limited, launching or expanding a sales force can be an uphill battle. Unfortunately, when company leaders put existing talent in the wrong positions or hire new sales reps and simply wait for them to either sink or swim, it can quickly become a losing battle.

How can sales outsourcing help?

In addition to helping you keep your existing talent focused on the areas in which they have proven they can excel, preventing you from putting unqualified employees in the position to fail, and enabling you to avoid high (and costly) sales employee turnover rates, there are four other major advantages to outsourcing some or all of your company’s sales functions.

1. When you outsource sales to a third party that specializes in your industry, understands the current market, and knows what your competitors are doing, you can gain more insights into your business, develop realistic sales goals, and use the market intelligence you gain to grow your company at a faster rate.

2. Depending on the scope of its services, your sales outsourcing partner may also be able to help you prepare for the future by working with you to increase brand recognition, nurture long-term sales opportunities, negotiate appropriately with high-ranking prospects and leads, and establish best practices.

3. Your ramp-up time can be shortened significantly as a result of working with an outside sales team that already has established processes that allow for target markets to be easily identified, has easy access to qualified leads, can develop things like effective sales scripts practically overnight, and can assemble, train, and monitor a sales team almost as quickly.

4. A third party that is used to conducting sales analyses can measure the results of sales and marketing campaigns quickly and easily, provide you with high-level reporting, and adapt its tactics and solutions to best meet your needs based on quantifiable data.

Launching or revamping a sales department doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. The right sales outsourcing partner can provide you with the sales support and consulting services you need to hit a real stride and take your business to the next level without first engaging in a lot of unnecessary and costly trial and error.

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