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Use Social Media to Set B2B Sales Appointments and Increase Event Attendance

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Feb 5, 2013 @ 07:02 AM

The Social Hunger, a new study by Mass Relevance,a brand-building company based Social media for Sales Appointments and event attendancein Austin, Texas, reveals that 64% of 200 people surveyed admitted to purchasing a product as a result of social media. Out of the same 200, 76% of people 18-34 admitted to purchasing a product as a result of social media.

It’s a fact: People use social media to make purchasing decisions. Data analysts have proven this, and yet the majority of B2B marketers still view engaging in social media as a chore rather than as the important work that it is.

In a way, it’s easy to understand why B2B marketers would be skeptical that social media would work for them. It’s one thing to promote a retail product on social media; it’s quite another to use social media to try and set more sales appointments and encourage event attendance.

In a recent article on CorpMagazine.com, Muhammad Yasin, director of marketing for HCC Medical Insurance Services, suggests that you use social media to “promote your content after you post it.” To do this, he suggests locating social media influencers that have large followings, building relationships with them, and sharing content with them that helps both of you meet your goals.

If you need to set more sales appointments, you might seek out influencers that large numbers of your prospects rely on for trusted product reviews or are considered experts in your field. Point the influencers towards a recent article included in your company’s latest e-marketing campaign. Make sure that the article is easily accessible and provides intellectual collateral that their followers would find useful. Also make sure that the web page it’s on gives visitors the option to receive similar articles by registering to be a part of your next e-marketing campaign, and, last but not least, the ability to sign up for a free consultation.

If you need to encourage event attendance, you might point influencers to a video of your last event that they can post on their social media pages. Include information about your upcoming event at the end of the video and on as many web pages upon which your video resides as possible.

The idea is that by finding the right influencers and building relationships with them, you can reach a much wider audience, capture more visitor information, and get more potential sales appointments and event attendees to come to you.

Keep in mind that while locating the right influencers can be relatively easy, it isn’t always so easy to get their attention. You have to market to them as well as you market to your prospects directly. This is why launching a full-scale social media marketing campaign usually requires more than excellent communication skills; it requires the talents of experienced content marketersand professional writers who know and understand your industry.

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