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Are Your Telemarketers Prepared For Stricter FCC Regulations in 2013?

Posted by Vendere Team on Wed, Jan 2, 2013 @ 07:01 AM

Stricter 2013 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) communications regulations Telemarketing on the phonethat include providing an automated opt-out mechanism for all telemarketing calls go into effect on January 14, 2013. FCC regulations that require obtaining signed consent for telemarketing callsto cell phones and calls to residential numbers that use a pre-recorded or artificial voice go into effect on October 16, 2013.

According to a Consumer Alert for Elder Advocates released by the National Consumer Law Center in 2012, “Under the revised rule, telemarketers can make robocalls—calls that use an artificial voice or a prerecorded message—only to consumers who have given express written consent to receive them. Oral consent or an existing business relationship with the telemarketer will no longer be sufficient.”

The alert goes on to explain how the new FCC rule will have a wider reach than the similar Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rule. “The FTC’ s parallel telemarketing rule already prohibits telemarketing robocalls without the consumer’ s express written consent, but there are major gaps in its coverage: it does not apply to banks, other financial institutions, common carriers, insurance companies, airlines, and intrastate telemarketers. The FCC’ s revised rule will apply to all of these entities,” states the alert.

Keeping up with FCC, FTC, and other government regulations that impact telemarketers can be difficult for any company that doesn’t have the resources and funds required to purchase, implement, and monitor the training programs and technologies that are often required to meet them.

If you are considering outsourcing some or all of your telemarketing needs in this year, stricter 2013 FCC regulations are compelling reasons to take the leap.

Outsourcing your cold calling functions and related tasks can be particularly beneficial. In addition to taking many of the worries associated with adhering to government communications regulations off of your plate, you can eliminate the precious time your sales team is spending cold calling and empower them to make the most of their time by working with lists of pre-qualified, sales-ready leads that have already shown an interest in your products and services (or in similar products and services).

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