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Five Tips for Generating Effective E-marketing Content

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Dec 4, 2012 @ 06:12 AM

Man writing email campaign on laptop.When it comes to B2B e-mail marketing, people tend to make building an e-mail subscriber list their first priority. Having a large list of e-mail subscribers is great, but to keep your subscribers, you need amazing, engaging content. Subscribers who were initially interested in what you have to offer will eventually ignore your content, delete your e-mails without reading them, and unsubscribe if they don’t find your content appealing and useful.Bottom line? You’ll never get the returns you want from your very valuable e-mail subscriber list if you don’t make creating appealing, engaging, and useful content your first priority, and list building, a (close) second priority.

Five tips for generating effective e-marketing content are:

1. Align your e-marketing campaigns with your sales campaigns.

If your sales team is selling one thing while your marketing team is pushing another, you’re probably not going to get a whole lot out of either team’s campaign. It might seem obvious that you ought to focus on one major campaign at a time, but you’d be surprised how many companies spread their sales and marketing efforts too broadly. Eager to cover all bases, they don’t cover any bases particularly well. Make sure your e-marketing campaigns are focused and work in conjunction with your tele-marketing efforts, direct mail campaigns, foot sales, and sales events, etc., and that they are in alignment with your company’s immediate needs and big-picture goals.You can empower your e-marketing content significantly just by making sure that your left hand knows what your right hand is doing and vice versa.

2. Create a content calendar.

Scrambling to generate new content is sometimes inevitable. The market shifts, players change, and you have to be able to respond appropriately and immediately. That said, there are shifts and changes that you can predict and anticipate. You can also predict and anticipate certain goals you’ll want to meet. Create a content calendar based on what you can forecast. What should you push when? Who should you be targeting at what times throughout the year? How much time will it take to generate the content you’ll need to provide by certain dates? When is it going to be most advantageous for you to roll your content out?

3. Show as much or more than you tell.

Come up with innovative ways to show what it is you’re offering or promoting as much or more than you describe it. Videos and multi-media presentations can be awesome tools, but if costs and limited resources are things that prevent you from including these fancy bells and whistles as much as you’d like, there’s no reason you can’t still put forth an action-packed e-marketing campaign. Stepoutside of the box. You might be able to come up with innovative ideas to promote active rather than static e-mail campaigns that are far more interesting than a promotional video. Vendere Partners is currently introducing IRENE™, a Vendere-exclusive e-marketing methodology, by using the methodology to introduce prospects to the methodology. Use whatever it is you’re offering or promoting to enhance your e-marketing campaign in a cost-effective and innovative way.

4. Ask questions.

By asking questions, whether they’re survey questions or lead-ins to in-depth explanations, you can do a lot to engage a reader. Asking a question like, “Is a lack of internal purchasing compliance costing your business unnecessarily?” can be a lot more effective than making a statement like, “Our internal purchasing compliance software ensures your business won’t incur more costs than necessary.”Never underestimate the power of questions, and always—always—give prospects an opportunity to answer your questions easily.

5. Provide free intellectual collateral.

Too often, companies neglect to provide e-mail subscribers with intellectual collateral that will keep them coming back for more because of a lack of readily available data and facts or factoids. If your sales and marketing departments don’t have the time and resources to consistently put forth charts and graphs, industry data, and case studies relevant to the product or service you’re promoting, don’t dismay. Most of the time, there is no need for these types of items to be generated internally. More often than not, by doing a few Google searches, you can find independent research companies and trade publications that have reports, data, and market information that you can reference, interpret, and use to make points and come to conclusions that your e-mail subscribers will find relevant and useful. Trust that the ways you interpret information are going to be more interesting and important to people than whether or not the data or news that inspired the interpretations was derived internally or externally. You may even gain greater credibility by citing respected outside sources.

E-mail subscribers are probably the most valuable prospects to any B2B business. By subscribing, they have already shown that they want to be first in line to know the next great thing your company is going to be able to do for them. If your content is great, traffic will follow, your subscriber list will grow organically, and you will be able to keep subscribers. 

Return to this blog next week for five more tips for generating effective e-marketing content. In the meantime, Vendere wants hear from you. Contact the Vendere team now. What are your company’s e-marketing needs? What kind of content do you need to put forth in order to make the most out of each and every sales and marketing campaign?

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