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Unlocking the Value of Employee Surveys

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Nov 13, 2012 @ 07:11 AM

It can cost you six months or more in hourly wages to replace an hourly employee, and more than a year’s salary to adequately replace a salaried employee.  If the reality of these costs bothers you, consider implementing regular employee surveys.  By performing regular employeeUnlocked padlock surveys, you can get the information you need to train and inform your employees properly, reduce employee turnover, and even help prevent costly legal scenarios.

What do your employees think about your current training program?  What do they think about your company’s policies?  How do they perceive your company’s culture?  How do they feel about the sales goals you are asking them to meet? 

When you have a clear understanding of your employees’ concerns, in addition to reducing turnover, you can potentially free up funds that you can put towards helping your company and sales department grow.  When sales managers are able to spend less time putting out fires caused by disengaged employees and more time on things like lead generation, lead nurturing, and sales and marketing, everybody wins.  Sales managers are able to act more like leaders and less like babysitters.  They are able generate opportunities to earn the respect and trust of employees in an organic way, and to create more opportunities to showcase and maximize the talents that earned them their current positions in the first place.  Similarly, employees who feel that they are engaged in your company’s vision and mission are typically going to be more productive, more loyal, and more likely to communicate their ideas.  

The trick to creating actionable employee surveys is to develop relevant questions and a quantifiable rating system.  If you can gauge the levels of satisfaction employees have with the things that directly impact sales numbers, you can create benchmarks that you can use to measure satisfaction levels against performance, and uncover exactly what you need to do to make improvements and increase revenue.  Conducting regular employee surveys can also help you hold sales managers accountable and measure your company’s overall progress over time.

Measuring employee satisfaction levels against performance levels may require the assistance of a third-party sales management consultant that can translate final results into doable action items.  Uncovering what you need to do to make improvements and increase revenue is going to be much easier than actually coming up with the best ways to make improvements and increase revenue.  In order for your employee survey results to pay off, you need know how you ought to plan, organize, implement, monitor, and streamline your sales operations and processes in ways that will positively impact future survey results. Think of employee surveys as a gateway towards creating the kinds of numbers that will matter to your shareholders (or future shareholders).  As employee satisfaction levels rise, so should sales numbers and revenue, and so should the satisfaction and commitment levels of your shareholders.  If you need third-party assistance now to ensure that your company is profitable 10 years from now, so be it.

Experienced, quality sales employees are one of your organization’s most valuable assets.  Don’t let their front-line knowledge stop at the front line.  By implementing regular employee surveys, you can unlock the potential of each and every one of your company’s sales reps and create an environment that inspires, encourages, and supports growth.

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