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Lead Lists Versus SEO: Should You Be Concentrating On One More Than The Other?

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Sep 11, 2012 @ 08:09 AM

In this day and age, is purchasing leads lists worth your company’s while, or is modern lead generation all about the SEO?

While some claim that using leads lists is outdated, the truth is that leads lists can still be very effective sales tools. Lead generation isn’t just about SEO, either. There are many ways to gather and generate leads, and, to some degree, you should be using them all. What you shouldn’t be using are exhausted leads lists and lists of keywords for which you pay hand over fist, but which don’t do much more than take up space in your company’s databases.

It isn’t always as easy as you might think to determine whether leads lists or lists of keywords are valuable. A lot of lead generation companies focus on giving you a large number of leads versus a large number of quality leads. Some of the leads are good, which can make it seem as though your list has potential. Many of the leads are not. Wading through a leads list that is a mixed bag in terms of quality can cause you to waste a great deal of time and effort chasing leads that aren’t viable. Not dissimilarly, many SEO companies will provide lists of keywords and rankings that show how often the keywords are used in searches, but that don’t accurately reflect which keywords are most important to your company and its target audiences.

In general, you should beware of companies that appear to specialize only in generating leads lists or in providing lists of keywords. If you’re seeking to reach a wider audience of qualified sales prospects, acquiring lists shouldn’t be your main priority. Your main priority should be to seek out a qualified lead generation and SEO partner that is capable of providing much more than lists.

What about tele-prospecting and tele-sales? What about lead qualification, scoring, and nurturing? What about inbound and outbound sales and marketing services? If your potential third-party partner’s main offerings are lists, you can bet you’re not going to get much more, and that the lists you receive probably aren’t going to be worth the many nickels you pay for them.

Don’t worry about whether you should be concentrating more on leads lists or more on SEO. Your main concern should be avoiding low-caliber lead generation and SEO companies that provide lists of leads and keywords that have been, to put it politely, reorganized rather than qualified and customized.


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