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If You Nurture Them, Sales Will Come

Posted by Vendere Team on Wed, Sep 5, 2012 @ 17:09 PM

Recycle | The lead cycleAll sales professionals know that nurturing leads is critical if you want to achieve long-term success. What not all sales professionals consider is the quality of their lead nurturing efforts.

It is one thing to see the name of a prospect or lead pop up in your customer response management system and make a perfunctory call or send a reminder e-mail; it’s quite another to see a lead’s name pop up and make a call or send an e-mail that prompts the lead to take action.

Below is a sample of a perfunctory lead nurturing voice-mail message:

Hello. This is Joe Smith from ABC Company. I’m calling to see if your needs for such-n-such product have changed. Please give me call at your earliest convenience. My number, again, is…

Here is an example of a lead nurturing voice-mail message that prompts action:

Hello, Client Name! This is Joe Smith from ABC Company. I recently read a news report on Bloomberg.com that indicates that changes in the financial sector are negatively impacting your industry. I’m hoping that the changes aren’t impacting your company or division. If they are, I may be able to help. Let’s schedule a time to discuss. I will send you a follow-up e-mail shortly. Thanks, Client Name. I look forward to speaking with you again.

Perfunctory calls and e-mails aren’t lead nurturing; they’re lead annoying. Lead nurturing that prompts action offers prospects and leads something of value, even if that something is nothing more than a piece of relevant industry news.

Staying up on the trends in your leads’ industries is important if you want to reach your leads on a personal level each time you make contact. Knowing what magazines your leads read and what media websites they frequent can make all the difference when you follow up with “routine” calls or e-mails. When you apply your knowledge of your leads’ industries to your lead nurturing efforts, you have a much better chance of being remembered, and, even more importantly, of being remembered as an authority in your field.

In addition to reading the same articles and visiting the same websites that your leads visit, it can pay off to regularly visit your leads’ websites. Did your lead’s company put out a press release on a new partnership, new client win, or new product release? Tailor your lead nurturing messages according to what is going on in your lead’s industry and company, and you will greatly improve your odds of making the sale sooner rather than later.

If you were to take a tour of almost any magazine or newspaper business’s office, one of the things you would be likely to find is a display or library of competitor publications. Just as publishers recognize that they need to know the latest trends if they want to set themselves apart and remain ahead of the curve, you need to know the latest news and trends that are impacting your sales leads if you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors, reach your leads on a personal level, and be considered the go-to resource when leads are ready and able to buy.

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