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Is a Cluttered Lead Generation Market Cluttering Your Thinking?

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Aug 21, 2012 @ 08:08 AM

Man with a headacheIn a world in which it is possible to receive qualified leads electronically via almost any Web-enabled device, hunting and pecking in order to try and find prospects through Google or on LinkedIn sounds silly, and yet, countless salespeople are still doing it every day.

The future of lead generation is here. Why are so many companies still using outdated lead generation solutions?

One reason companies keep doing what they’ve always done when it comes to sales is a cluttered lead generation market. Sales managers are tired about hearing about the latest and greatest lead generation solutions. There are so many marketing firms and lead generation companies hawking different wares that it is simply too overwhelming to try and determine which ones can truly deliver.

Though it might be overwhelming, it is worth it to cut through the “noise” in the lead generation market to find the right lead generation partner. Ask yourself: How many hours do my salespeople spend looking for leads and trying to qualify them instead of making sales? After you come up with your best guesstimate, ask: How many hours would it take for me to research lead generation companies and find the right partner for my company?

It is never going to be more convenient or make more sense to avoid seeking out high-level lead generation solutions in favor of keeping your salespeople tied up with lead generation tasks. How many hours did you guesstimate your salespeople spend on things other than sales? According to the independent benchmarking and research firm, CSO Insights, lead generation tasks now take up almost a quarter of the average salesperson’s time. What if by taking a relatively small amount of time to find a great lead generation partner, you could increase your company’s sales by 25% percent—or more?

Don’t let a cluttered lead generation market clutter your thinking. Cut through “noise” and you’ll see your team’s productivity levels and sales numbers improve.

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