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Who Should I Hire to do My Social Media Marketing?

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Aug 14, 2012 @ 08:08 AM

Social Media marketing managementIt’s easy to begin a social media marketing campaign. You just sign up and create free accounts with the social media networks that are likely to have the biggest impact on your business, which, for most companies, will be Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and boom—you’re off!

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to keep generating social media marketing campaigns. You soon realize that while your accounts were easy to set up, maintaining them and continually coming up with fresh content that has a positive impact on sales numbers requires considerable amounts of intelligence, creative thinking, and time. It may only take 10 minutes to update your social media accounts, but it can take much more time to come up with what it is you need to say in order to generate an ongoing influx of sales leads.

Most social media experts recommend that you use your internal resources to carry out social media marketing campaigns. After all, why should you spend your money on educating a third party about your company when you have internal salespeople who already know your company from the inside out?

At Vendere Partners, we tend to agree that most companies shouldn’t spend their money on hiring a third party to engage in social media marketing. However, over time, we’ve realized that there is an exception to the perform-your-social-media-marketing-internally rule.

When companies are already relying on a third party like Vendere to do things like help them set sales appointments, increase event attendance, and qualify, score, and nurture sales leads, and are seeing positive results, it can make a lot of sense to turn over social media marketing tasks to that third party.

If you’re already relying on Vendere to perform other sales and marketing tasks on your company’s behalf, the advantages to turning over social marketing tasks to Vendere can include:

• minimal ramp-up time due to the knowledge Vendere has already amassed regarding your company, its sales goals, and target markets,
• the total alignment of your social media marketing campaigns with your lead generation, event audience acquisition, e-newsletter and e-blast, and telemarketing campaigns,
• the ability to rely on Vendere’s social media marketing expertise and knowledge of social media trends to help you get the most out of the latest and greatest social media tools,
• the ability to avoid the time-consuming missteps that result from the trials and errors that most companies experience when they tackle social media marketing in-house, and
• virtually no back-and-forth with Vendere when it comes to gathering social media leads, determining the value of those leads, and deciding what do with the leads once you get them.

The official launch of Vendere’s social media marketing services is coming soon. Stay tuned for details…

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