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Never Let a Good Sales Manager Go Down

Posted by Vendere Team on Fri, Aug 10, 2012 @ 08:08 AM

Sales manager Buried Alive!If you’ve ever had an unskilled or out-of-touch sales manager, you know what it’s like to try and perform a job with only a clue or two as to what is expected of you. You know what it’s like to have no meaningful incentive to perform your job well—much less to get better at it.

In short, you know what it’s like to hate your job. It’s no fun, and worse, it turns you into the kind of cog in the wheel that you promised yourself you’d never become.

Remember how ambitious you were at the start of your sales career? You wanted to be different. You wanted to blaze trails. You wanted your department to make more sales than any sales department in the history of your company. What happened?

Nearly all of us have had negative experiences with at least one sales manager during our careers, and yet, when we enter into management ourselves, even those of us with the best intentions get so wrapped up in duties and tasks that we make the very mistakes we once chastised other managers for making.

Why do we do this? Often, we get so busy with daily operations and putting out fires that things like setting expectations and providing meaningful incentives and opportunities get set aside. Ironically, we know that if we were free to focus on our people rather than on tasks, managing daily operations would become easier and there would be fewer fires to put out!

At Vendere Partners, we believe in never letting a good sales manager go down. It is this belief and our vast experience in sales management that inspired the development of our sales management consulting services.

Vendere’s sales management consulting services include everything from analyzing recruiting and hiring practices to assessing the effectiveness of sales processes, presentations, and technologies. We also evaluate the things that are having a direct and immediate impact on sales numbers.

It is very difficult, if not impossible, for sales managers to accurately and honestly evaluate their departments’ strengths and weaknesses. While some sales managers are reluctant to turn to third parties for assistance with this type of evaluation for fear it will reflect poorly on them, such reluctance is typically unfounded. Sales managers who take the initiative to better the performance of their departments by whatever means necessary actually create more opportunities for themselves to build their careers and achieve the kinds of successes that higher-ups notice and reward. If they have to work with a third party to do it, so be it. The end results will speak for themselves.

Four things that Vendere evaluates that have a direct and immediate impact on sales are:

1. gaps in performance,
2. holes in the sales funnel,
3. growth potential, and
4. sales pipeline capacity.

If you have a great sales training program that results in few gaps in performance, but are having difficulty obtaining and feeding valid prospects into the top of your sales funnel, Vendere will help you obtain the number of prospects you need to maximize performance. If you have a fantastic product and a ripe target market, but don’t have the sales pipeline capacity to handle the growth you know you could achieve, Vendere will help you determine which sales solutions you need to expand your pipeline and fulfill your growth potential.

If your job as a sales manager has got you feeling frustrated and stunted, chances are that your sales reps are feeling frustrated and stunted as well. Vendere can empower you to make the changes that will turn your sales department into the kind of well-oiled machine that makes selling exciting again.

For more information on Vendere’s sales management consulting services, contact Vendere today and ask to speak with a sales representative. Initial consultations are always free of charge.

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