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You Know You’re a B2B Sales Professional Because…

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Aug 7, 2012 @ 10:08 AM

As a kid…

B2B sales professionalYou configured your toy cash register machine so that it added an automatic gratuity to each purchase price.

Your favorite toy was a plastic abacus, which you used as a kind of CRM tool to score your childhood friendships as being hot (e.g., as being likely to result in the immediate receipt of free pudding snacks), warm (e.g., as being likely to result in your ability to borrow suped-up Hot Wheels in the near future), or in need of nurturing (e.g., as being likely to require that you engage in a certain number of hopscotch sessions before being invited to the A-list birthday parties).

Soon after you took your first newspaper delivery job, you began outsourcing folding and bagging tasks to other kids because you realized it would be more cost effective than performing those tasks yourself.

As a teen…

You carried a briefcase instead of a backpack.

Whenever the movie theater’s snack bar attendant asked if you would like a drink with your popcorn, you said yes—not because you anticipated being thirsty, but out of respect for the upselling process.

No one in your senior class was surprised when you were voted most likely to sell your first company in order to acquire your second company and retire at the age of thirty.

As a young adult…

You marketed yourself to colleges by following up on your applications with telemarketing, e-mail marketing campaigns, and finally, singing telegrams.

You rented more shoes than any other lane manager working at your university’s rec room bowling alley. More impressively, you managed to sell the shoes meant for disposal to aspiring clowns at the neighboring clown college.

Your proposal to your college sweetheart incorporated a 26-slide PowerPoint presentation.


You spend more time closing sales than your teenage daughter spends on Facebook.

You have dachshund named 50K. Your Great Dane is named Multi-Million Dollar Baby.

You are Vendere Partners client.

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