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Does Your B2B Lead Generation Company Have a Proprietary Database?

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Jul 31, 2012 @ 08:07 AM

Network server and databaseUnless you know what to watch out for, it can be difficult to determine quality B2B lead generation
companies from those that are in it to make a quick buck. One easy-to-spot, telltale sign that your prospective lead generation company may not be able to cut the mustard is the absence of a proprietary database.

Many lead generation companies, including Vendere Partners, utilize third-party databases to target leads for their clients. This is a standard practice, particularly for lead generation companies that serve a myriad of clients and need to target large numbers of leads in a variety of sectors.

Third-party databases are manageable for lead generation companies that are capable of separating the wheat from the chaff by qualifying, scoring, and nurturing third-party leads using professional prospect managers and established criteria. On the flipside, third-party databases are a big problem for the clients of lead generation companies that are not able to perform high-level data cleansing.

If a lead generation company does not have a proprietary database of its own, it stands to reason that it is not experienced enough in lead qualification, scoring, and nurturing to cleanse third-party leads lists properly. On the other hand, a lead generation company like Vendere, which has a proprietary database that is regularly updated and meets high accuracy standards, is likely very experienced in taking third-party leads lists and separating unlikely prospects from sales-ready leads.

Sub-par lead generation companies may deliver leads lists that look impressive, but, as the saying goes, looks aren’t everything. “Impressive” leads lists will yield very little fruit if they are derived solely from third-party leads lists and not cleansed properly prior to delivery to the client. Dissimilarly, leads lists generated by better lead generation companies will be derived from regularly updated proprietary databases, and, if necessary, third-party databases that provide reliable lists that the lead generation company has experience in cleansing prior to delivery to the client.

Never partner with a lead generation company that doesn’t have its own proprietary database of contacts that is regularly updated and has an accuracy rate of at least 80 percent. If you do, you will most likely wind up with a long list of third-party leads that you unwittingly purchased at a high mark-up, and which will enable you to yield only a small percentage of the sales you’d set out to gain.

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