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Seven Signs Your Last Sales Event Failed

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Jul 19, 2012 @ 08:07 AM

Dream GraphEvents can fail for a number of reasons. Maybe you didn’t make enough sales as a result of your event to justify the time and money you put into it. Maybe you didn’t invite the right attendees, or didn’t convert enough registrants into attendees. Maybe you attempted to handle all of your event management and event logistics-related tasks in house, and wound up neglecting to address critical components.

Even events that are small in scale can be complicated to organize and costly to host, particularly if you don’t have the time, resources, or existing connections to see that costs are kept low and that ROI will be high.

Was your last event a success, or was it a failure? With a wink and smile, Vendere Partners presents you with seven signs that your last event might have been the latter.

1. Trying to find qualified leads on your list of event attendees is like trying to order a vegan
dish at a steakhouse.

2. You expected 250 people at your last lunch-n-learn event, but less than 30 actually showed. On the upside, you had enough leftovers to feed your family for nearly a month.

3. Your recent decision to invest in Red Bull stock was based on the fact that your caterer ran out of the drink midway through your product demonstration.

4. When asked about the best aspect of your product demonstration, over 90% of attendees surveyed responded, “The end.”

5. When you requested a bigger sales event budget for next quarter, your boss slapped you on the back, howled with laughter, and said, “That’s a good one!”

6. You daughter has gotten higher ROI in her driveway lemonade stand.

7. You didn’t hire Vendere.

Vendere’s event audience acquisition services ensure that you obtain high ROI in each and every sales event. Whether the Vendere team is just putting the right people in the seats or fulfilling the bulk of your sales event management needs, you will see a remarkable shift in the impact your events make on your bottom line.

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