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Do You Need a Sales Management Consultant?

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Jul 12, 2012 @ 08:07 AM

You may be in desperate need of sales management consulting services and not even know it. Below are six tongue-in-cheek clues that hiring a sales management consultant might be in your company’s best interest.

Clue #1:

You’ve told more salespeople, “You’re fired,” than Donald Trump on The Apprentice.

Qualified sales management consultants with experience in building inside sales teams on
behalf of companies with similar characteristics can help you develop the job descriptions and employee profiles you need to recruit and hire the right people. Tired of high employee turnover? A sales management consultant that specializes in determining the human resources-related best practices for businesses of your size within your sector can help you make high employee turnover a thing of the past.

Clue #2:

You have plenty of space for additional sales staff—if you count the square footage of your office’s restrooms.

By performing various analyses, your sales management consultant should be able to uncover whether it would be better to improve certain sales processes or outsource certain sales functions. Through streamlined sales processes and/or sales outsourcing, you can avoid the costs and inconveniences that come along with hiring additional staff when it isn’t practical or necessary to do so.

Clue #3:

You realize that you’ve upgraded your phones and phone systems more often than you’ve updated your leads lists.

If the percentage of prospects that your team converts into leads is lower than average, a sales management consultant can help you develop the processes that will enable you to target quality prospects, build leads lists, and develop the conversion techniques that will lead to more closings.

Clue #4:

Low budgets have forced you to forgo purchasing your preferred customer relationship management (CRM) software and rely instead on your team’s ability to turn Match.com accounts into valid CRM tools. Sales numbers have remained low, but on the upside, you’ve gotten to hit some killer wedding reception buffets this year.

Taking into consideration your current and anticipated sales budgets, a sales management consultant can work with you to determine your technical needs and select more efficient sales software and tools.

Clue #5:

Your sales reps are claiming that they don’t need to be coached on how to score leads. After all, New York Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey just pitched a scoreless sixth inning at the 2012 All-Star game, and hey, no one’s saying he needs coaching.

Do you need to implement better training practices? The right sales management consultant should be able to critique your sales training and presentation materials objectively, analyze their effectiveness, and give you the insights you need to make improvements that will result in increased sales.

Clue #6:

The number of hairs you pull out due to job-related stress is greater than the number of sales your company makes each month.

If you’re not satisfied with your job, it is likely that your sales reps aren’t satisfied with their jobs, either. Unhappy employees typically aren’t effective sales reps. Sales management consultants can help you develop management solutions that will make your job easier, improve management-employee communications, and make the most of the expertise you have in house.

Sometimes, sales managers are reluctant to hire sales management consultants for fear that higher-ups will assume that needing a consultant means that they’re not able to do their jobs. Usually, this fear is eliminated after the consultant leaves the actual implementation of solutions up to the sales manager and his or her staff, and cost-savings, more sales, and higher revenue numbers become apparent.

Have questions about the benefits of sales management consulting services? Contact Vendere Partners for a free consultation. You shouldn’t be afraid of your need for a sales management consultant; you should be afraid of what you might be missing out on by not hiring one.

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