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Using Press Releases as Inbound Marketing Tools

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Jul 5, 2012 @ 08:07 AM

printing a press releaseMost sales and marketing professionals consider press releases outbound marketing tools. They equate them with advertising, direct mail, and other forms of outbound marketing.

The truth is that a press release can be a valuable inbound marketing tool. While it’s true that you do distribute a press release in an effort to accomplish outbound marketing goals, such as bringing widespread attention to your company and building your brand, a well-written and timely press release that is distributed to key media outlets in a strategic fashion can drive website traffic and generate results that are very similar to the results you can get from inbound marketing tools such as SEO, social media, and blogs.

It’s time to rethink what we think about press releases.

At Vendere Partners, we believe in using press releases as inbound and outbound marketing tools. Unlike print and online advertisements, radio and TV commercials, and other outbound marketing tools, press releases have the ability to earn the attention of prospects and drive traffic to your website as much as inbound marketing tools such as your blog and social media pages.

The main differences between press releases that are only good for outbound marketing and press releases that are good for both inbound and outbound marketing are:

1. The writing.

A press release that is written in the hopes that the release will make a company seem more credible or get it more notoriety will never be an effective inbound marketing tool. On the other hand, a press release that is written with a company’s sales goals in mind, incorporates the right keywords, and includes the right links and hyperlinks, can do as much or more to earn the attentions of quality prospects as any other inbound marketing tool.

2. Distribution tactics.

While it can be worthwhile to distribute press releases via free or paid for distribution services, the trick to converting a press release into more than an outbound marketing tool is ensuring that it gets placed in publications that are specific to your industry. Most publishers are wary of press releases they receive from major press release distribution companies. They know that such press releases are distributed widely, and therefore consider them old or “used” news. On the other hand, press releases that are distributed by an individual, include personalized messaging, and are delivered directly from the company that generated the release or its hired marketing firm, are much more likely to get placement in the publications that a company’s prospects actually read.

3. SEO.

We’ve already mentioned the importance of writing a press release that incorporates the right keywords and links. However, it’s worth mentioning, more pointedly, that press releases can have significant value in terms of SEO. Unsurprisingly, more press releases today are issued online than in print. A press release that takes readers to specific company website pages that encourage visitor interaction and data gathering can be a remarkable SEO inbound marketing tool. Presumably, you will publish your press release on your company website as well as distribute it to publications with an online presence. The simple act of adding your press release to your website is another inbound marketing action—if the press release content is strategic.

Times have changed. If your company’s press releases aren’t resulting in increased website visitor traffic, prospect data gathering, and lead generation, the bottom line is that you’re missing out on sales you could be getting.

Vendere offers press release writing and distribution services that are strategic and blended in seamlessly with the outbound services we provide, including telemarketing and tele-prospecting. For information on Vendere’s press release and other inbound marketing services, e-mail an inquiry to info@venderepartners.com. An experienced representative will respond to you within 24 business hours.

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