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Converting Webinar Registrants into Webinar Attendees

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Jul 3, 2012 @ 07:07 AM

Online webinarWhen you have a national or global organization, it can not only be impractical to gather key personnel and partners together to learn about your new products, processes, or systems, but impossible.

Similarly, delivering important information regarding your products and services to your best prospects and current clients can be an enormous challenge. Executives at the highest levels and professionals at mid-size and start-up companies all have limitations, whether those limitations have to do with time and money or goals and priorities. When it makes more sense to practice knowledge sharing via the Web than by hosting in-person events, conducting webinars can be your best option.

Webinar Advantages

In addition to enabling you to reach people located in different geographical areas with relative ease, webinars can enable you to save significantly on costs. An in-person sales event is almost always going to be more expensive to pull off than a webinar. Renting a space, catering, travel, and the other functions related to hosting in-person events typically result in much higher expenses than the functions associated with webinar hosting.

If your company doesn’t already have a preferred webinar service, a few Google searches can help you find multiple free or nearly free webinar services that will enable you to upload entire presentations, include multiple presenters, play video, engage in live video chats, and allow attendees to submit written questions and receive immediate responses throughout your presentation.

Most people think of a webinar as little more than a live sales presentation, but if conducted properly, a webinar can be much more. A well-run webinar that is recorded and saved for repeat viewing can be a long-term sales and marketing tool that your sales and marketing departments can use again and again to share information and promote your new product or service.

Webinar Challenges & Solutions

While there may be a few technical challenges to overcome in order to pull off a successful webinar, the biggest challenge you will face after you decide to host a webinar is the same challenge you would face if you were to decide to host an in-person event: converting registrants into attendees.

It takes more than a few phone calls and e-mails to organize a successful webinar. You have to have a clear webinar marketing strategy that is sales-driven and includes strategic telemarketing and e-mail campaigns that target the right people, increase registration, and ensure that the bulk of registrants convert into attendees.

Large, mid-size, and small organizations can all benefit greatly from partnering with a lead generation and event marketing company that is able to achieve the objectives listed above. It is incredibly difficult to incentivize event registration and conversion processes well enough to encourage internal sales and marketing teams to perform them well. Furthermore, it can be financially draining to take your internal team members away from their core responsibilities and redirect their attentions to event marketing and registrant-to-attendee processes.

If hosting an in-person event to complete a particular information sharing initiative is inconvenient, impractical, or downright impossible for your company, Vendere Partners can help. We have the tools, processes, and people in place to drive attendance to both in-person events and webinars. Click here for more information on Vendere’s audience acquisition services.

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