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Nine Clues a Prospective Lead Generation Partner Isn’t Right for You

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Jun 28, 2012 @ 08:06 AM

Lead generation isn’t just an effective way to acquire new customers; for many companies, it’s the only way to acquire new customers.

You can only rely on your existing contacts and referrals for so long; eventually, you have to engage in hard-core lead generation if you want to build your business at a rate that is competitive and meets the demands of your market.

New lead generation companies are cropping up all the time in order to try and benefit from the growing need for better B2B lead generation services. It can be very difficult to distinguish the wheat from the chaff, particularly if you’ve not yet worked with an experienced B2B lead generation business.

Finding the clues with a magnifying glassBelow are nine clues that a prospective lead generation partner isn’t the right partner for you.

1. You ask the lead generation sales rep if his or her company uses the same leads lists over and over again, and the response you get is: “Define ‘over and over again.’”

2. You ask about the level of experience of the company’s telemarketing representatives, and learn that the majority of the reps have reputations as excellent baristas.

3. When you inquire about the company’s reporting processes, the lead generation sales rep replies, “Uh, sure. Why not? We can do reporting.”

4. You try to ascertain the name of the lead generation representative who will be responsible for maintaining your account, and the lead generation sales rep, anticipating high employee turnover, replies, “For sure, it will either be Joe, Bob, Jill, Jenny, or… Did I mention Joe?”

5. When you request more information on the company’s SEO capabilities, the lead generation sales rep replies, “Dude. I love that band.”

6. Fed up with the lead generation sales rep, you call the company’s vice president of marketing with a question about his company’s event attendee generation processes, and he replies, “The forthcoming analysis of our such-n-such solution indicates that this or that will result in good yack-yack, and therefore, we believe such-n-such will produce adequate ballyhoo for your company in terms of yadda-yadda ROI.”

7. You ask about lead scoring, and find out that instead of being scored as hot, warm, or in need of nurturing, your leads will be scored as probably, maybe, or, like, whatever.

8. The last conference your prospective B2B lead generation partner’s executives attended was a Star Trek convention.

9. Your prospective lead generation company sends you a contract that specifies that you will be doing business together “throughout the remainder of 2012 (or until our company goes bust).”

It’s easy to joke about fly-by-night lead generation companies and their less than professional services. What’s not funny are the lack of ROI and lost sales that result from partnering with such companies.

Vendere Partners is committed to helping companies make smart choices when it comes to their lead generation and sales goals. As an established, reputable B2B lead generation company, we can provide you with the sales and marketing solutions you need to begin building revenue right now. In addition to providing you with satisfactory answers to all of your lead generation questions, our skilled representatives are trained to make appropriate recommendations and implement solutions that will have an immediate, positive impact on your bottom line.

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