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Creating Action-Packed Sales and Marketing Campaigns

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Jun 26, 2012 @ 08:06 AM

Developing a marketing campaign is kind of like making pizza. You can incorporate all the bells and whistles, or, the best toppings, but if you don’t have the right recipe for making dough, the end result is bound to be disappointing.

The key ingredients for developing a successful marketing initiative are those that drive and support sales. In order for a marketing initiative to drive and support sales, you need more than a catchy tag line and pretty graphics; you need content that backs up the claims your marketing campaigns are making.Run for profit

This is particularly true if you’re operating in a B2B market. Every B2B company claims to have
the best product or service. Every B2B company touts its solution as the most cost-effective solution on the market. Every B2B company struggles with trying to balance its need to outdo its competitors with its need to stay true to its core competencies. What surprisingly few B2B companies do is provide compelling messaging that accurately reflects what makes its products and services uniquely valuable to prospects.

Even a start-up B2B company with few clients and little data that reflects the value of its solutions can develop a marketing initiative and corresponding campaigns that will set it apart from its bigger, well-known competitors.

Sadly, many new companies opt to wait until they meet a certain level of success before taking their marketing efforts seriously. Waiting to engage heavily in marketing is almost always a mistake. If you don’t have enough data to create results-oriented charts and graphs, powerful statistics, or compelling case studies, you can still develop powerful marketing campaigns. In increasingly global B2B markets, your company’s future may hinge on your ability to do just that. Marketing isn’t something you do once you’re at a certain level; it’s what you do to get to the next level.

The best way for a B2B company to generate compelling marketing messaging, whether it is a start-up or an established company with a new, unproven product or service to promote, is to focus on the actions behind the things being offered. Give people the bells and whistles—the smart tag lines and beautiful graphics—but in lieu of hard data and multiple case studies, make specific promises.

Vendere Partners has enough data and case studies to prove the value of its offerings several times over, and yet, in addition to providing prospects and leads with hard data, case studies, and testimonials, etc., our sales and marketing team develops action-packed messaging because it recognizes the value in making promises that it knows Vendere can deliver.

One promise that Vendere makes in its marketing is to make over 600 calls per client per week. While we do promote the fact that we offer premier telemarketing services, we don’t rely on that claim; we back it up with action by letting people know that we are committed to making a certain number of calls—and, more importantly, that we are already making a certain number of calls for current clients.

Good marketing turns words into action and makes them useful. Whether yours is a relatively new company or a large conglomerate that is consistently putting out new products and services that have yet to be used widely, with a little strategic planning, you can develop a marketing initiative and corresponding campaigns that will set your company apart from its competitors.

For more insights on how to bridge the gaps between sales and marketing and develop action-packed messaging, contact Vendere today. To learn about Vendere’s converged sales and marketing services, click here.

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