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6 Signs Your Sales Department Needs to Improve Its Training Processes

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Jun 14, 2012 @ 09:06 AM

high voltage signSales managers like to say that they want to hire people who can “hit the ground running,” but the reality is that even highly experienced salespeople need to be fully integrated into a company in order for their managers to achieve impressive returns on their investments in them.

When you don’t train your salespeople in a methodical, consistent way, the experiences your prospects and leads have with your company can vary greatly. Providing an inconsistent experience leads to confusion, increases costs, and ultimately, damages your company’s reputation and limits its profitability.

How do you determine whether or not your sales department needs to improve its training processes?

Below are six of the more obvious signs.

1. The salesperson you’ve been training for over three weeks asks you for the location of your company’s restroom.
2. You overhear a “seasoned” member of your sales team answer the phone with a simple, “Hello?”
3. Your biggest sales incentive is a king-size Milky Way bar—and no one has won one yet.
4. Your company’s employee turnover rates are so high that you find yourself calling new employees by the names of employees you hired and fired and weeks ago.
5. Your company recently implemented a program for recycling employee name tags.
6. Lately, you’ve been considering giving up your career as a sales manager for a more profitable career as an extra in a Broadway musical.

Don’t despair. The good news is that with solid training, you can make the most out of highly skilled salespeople while cultivating the raw talents of less skilled salespeople, and in a relatively short amount of time, turn your disparate sales team into a united, streamlined sales force.

Vendere Partners has long recognized the need that so many companies have for cost-effective sales training processes. The cold truth is that sales training is a financial and organizational burden on most companies, and, while necessary, takes time and resources away from the selling process. Vendere’s B2B sales outsourcing services grew organically as a result of its clients’ hiring and training needs. Today, Vendere’s B2B sales outsourcing services not only allow companies to rely on Vendere to recruit, hire, and train salespeople to work within their offices, but to recruit, hire, and train experienced salespeople to work off-site and function as full-service, outsourced sales teams.

Whether you work with Vendere to establish your in-house training methodology or elect to partner with Vendere to outsource some or all of your company’s sales training and processes, there are certain steps that need to be taken in order to cut down on sales costs and achieve greater ROI. In addition to establishing a solid training methodology, those steps include:

• creating department-wide standards for all sales operations,
• training all salespeople to reach the same goals,
• providing the appropriate incentives for each sales goal,
• providing ongoing, on-the-job training within your sales department, and
• establishing how you will measure your ROI on your training investments.

If you don’t create standards for your sales department, you can’t expect your salespeople to live up to them. Creating standards, goals, and incentives for your sales department that are clear to all employees is critical. Reinforcing standards with ongoing, on-the-job training and measurements of that training is equally critical.

For more information on Vendere’s sales outsourcing services, contact Vendere today. The Vendere team can help you determine which of your internal sales functions need optimizing and which sales functions ought to be outsourced.

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