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Innovation in the Technology Sector in 2012

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Jun 7, 2012 @ 10:06 AM

Printed Circuit BoardWhat do technology companies need to be doing right now to encourage innovation? What changes will enable them to grow significantly in 2012?

In an interview on the Deloitte website, Eric Openshaw, vice chairman and US technology, media and telecommunications leader at Deloitte LLP, asserts that leveraged growth models and “the specific emergence of new talent-based ecosystems based on social software that drives numerous variations of ‘crowd sourcing’ or collaborative development and problem solving,” will be the things that will enable high-performing companies to innovate and grow in 2012.

“Refining focus and doing a few things extremely well, and creating the ‘perfect customer experience’ also come to mind as strategies for achieving distinction in the tech sector,” continues Openshaw.

Openshaw’s comments could also apply to sales innovation in the technology sector. New ways to interact with prospects and glean prospect information from social media and social software are things we should all be looking at if we want our sales and marketing campaigns to be as powerful and useful as our products.

Staying true to our core competencies by doing, as Openshaw suggested, “a few things extremely well,” can also support our sales efforts.

During the recession, executives learned a lot about getting back to basics and the value of outsourcing certain functions that didn’t directly relate to the things upon which their businesses were built. Post-recession, the outsourcing trend has continued. Executives in the technology sector, in particular, seem to have gotten the message that the most prudent thing to do is remain focused on their products and services and hand off certain supply chain, communications, customer service, sales, and other functions to partners with vast expertise and built-in, cost-effective solutions.

Having a clear vision of where we want our companies to be in five or ten years and choosing to remain on the paths that will get them there aren’t just nice ideas anymore; they’re necessities. In order to compete in the global marketplace, we not only have to innovate through social software and by narrowing our focus, but through our sales and marketing efforts, whether or not some or most of those efforts are outsourced.

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