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Eight Reasons to Ramp Up Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, May 29, 2012 @ 09:05 AM

Digital worldOutbound marketing includes everything from telemarketing and cold calling to event hosting and advertising. Traditionally, when you engage in outbound marketing, what you’re doing is throwing out messages to a general audience and hoping that they somehow reach the right people and resonate with them.

If you’re thinking that traditional outbound marketing might soon be a thing of the past, you might be right. If a company’s outbound marketing efforts are outdated; that is, if they don’t include making good use of modern, high-level technologies, or aren’t based on current best practices, they can quickly become irrelevant. They certainly do very little to positively impact a business’s bottom line.

If you’re outbound marketing strategies are outdated, revise them or hire a third-party lead generation firm like Vendere Partners to modernize them for you. Outbound marketing can still be extremely powerful stuff, particularly when it’s coupled with inbound marketing strategies and campaigns.

In case you haven’t brushed up on inbound marketing lately, inbound marketing is what you do to attract target audiences already interested in your industry, service, or product. Every time you update your keywords in accordance with your latest Google analytics report, capture visitor data submitted via an online form, publish an article or case study, send out an e-newsletter, make a blog post, or post to your social media pages, you’re engaging in inbound marketing. The point of inbound marketing is to capture the data that relates to visitors that have already shown an interest in your subject or what you’re offering.

Uncertain as to whether or not your company ought to be engaging in more inbound marketing? Here are eight reasons you might want to start ramping up your inbound marketing efforts now:

1. The last press release you sent out discussed your plans to use this newfangled thing called the World Wide Web to bring added value to your business.

2. You’ve been using the same person to help you with your company’s event marketing for as long as you can remember. He might be getting up there in years, but by golly, he can still stand on a street corner and hold up a promotional sign with the best of them.

3. The last time your name appeared in a trade magazine…well, you can’t remember the last time your name appeared in a trade magazine.

4. Your 5th grader has more blog followers than you do.

5. You’ve recently asked yourself: A Facebook timeline tracks the amount of time I spend on Facebook, right?

6. You still think of a tweet as a sound that a bird makes.

7. Your profile on LinkedIn reflects that you aren’t actually linked to much of anything, including your own company’s LinkedIn page.

8. You have an active MySpace page even though your band, The Cold Callers, broke up in 2004. (It’s okay, though. No one would ever suspect that the guy with the Smurf-blue “fohawk” in those photos is you.)

For more information on outbound, inbound, and e-marketing strategies and campaigns, e-mail info@venderepartners.com. There’s no time like the present to update your marketing toolkit.

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