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Splat! Your Marketing Message Just Fell Flat.

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, May 24, 2012 @ 09:05 AM

Marketing message has fallen flatWhatever you want to call it—industry speak, corporate lingo, or company jargon—it can make a marketing message fall flat faster than a whole-wheat pancake dropped from the top of the Chrysler Building.

Prospects are sick of B2B hype. It seems as though every B2B firm on the planet is using the same marketing consultant who uses the same buzzwords and one-liners to describe each and every client.

Without thinking too much, you can probably think of several popular marketing catch phrases off the top of your head right now. How about “one-stop shop,” “comprehensive service package,” “total service solution,” or “360-degree solution?”

Are you bored yet?

Marketing catch phrases aren’t inherently bad. If they express what you’re really trying to say at certain points within your presentation, there’s no harm in using them here and there. Using them here and there can actually help your company appear professional. The problem with catch phrases is that they’re used over and over again to fill up space that ought to be filled with information of greater value delivered in a more interesting and memorable way.

One of the reasons that you see the same catch phrases used over and over again by small and mid-size companies, in particular, is because companies that don’t have vast internal marketing resources tend to rely on people with various levels of expertise in different areas within the company to contribute to their overall marketing message. If the company’s brand isn’t already in place, or if contributors to the company’s marketing message don’t align their contributions with the established brand, generic messages will often take over.

Here are three easy ways to help make sure that the messages you’re delivering to B2B prospects don’t fall—Splat!—like a whole-wheat pancake:

1. Make one thing different.

Challenge an industry norm or widely held belief, offer prospects a “video brochure” instead of a downloadable PDF, catch prospects off guard by using humor in unlikely places, or provide a unique freebie.

2. Keep it simple.

For instance, if you offer customer service training software, don’t overcomplicate things by calling it “a cutting-edge, multi-level dashboard for enhancing manager and front-line staff knowledge.” When it’s not possible to be original, choose simple ideas over abstract ones.

3. Avoid overused clichés.

How many times are you using the same clichés or catch phrases within the same document? Search all documents and marketing materials to make sure you’re not going overboard when it comes to certain phrases or themes.

You don’t have to have the best-looking or most expensive marketing materials to set your company apart from the competition, but you do have to have good ideas and present them well. For information on how Vendere Partners can help deliver your company’s message with snap and pizzazz, send an e-mail inquiry to info@venderepartners.com.

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