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Are Your Sales Reps Wearing the Wrong Hats?

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, May 22, 2012 @ 08:05 AM

If sales numbers are low and revenue is down, it could be that your sales reps are wearing hats that don’t fit their job descriptions or support their main objective, which is (or should be) to make the sale.

The Fishing Hat

Salespeople who don fishing hats spend a lot of time baiting their hooks with fancy lures and casting out lines, hoping for a bite. They spend entire days throwing back leads that are too small or don’t match their criteria for a good catch.

Tower of London guard wearing a hatIf you want your sales team to spend its time turning leads into dollars instead of merely trying to get leads on the line, there are services and solutions that can help.

Qualified appointment setting services include targeting real sales opportunities and setting sales appointments on your behalf. Professional appointment setters are more than telemarketers; they’re sales professionals who specialize in delivering sales-ready leads that have already been hooked. All you have to do is reel them in.

The Party Hat

Sales reps who wear party hats aren’t selling; they’re too busy planning your next sales event.

Sales events are wonderful sales and marketing tools—until acquiring an audience and managing event details requires so many internal resources that it becomes impossible for regular, ongoing sales goals to be met.

Outside experts in event audience acquisition allow your sales reps to take off their party hats and get back to selling. Event audience acquisition professionals can help you achieve high event attendee numbers, manage event registration and marketing, and, perhaps most importantly, provide attendee qualification and follow-up services.

The Beret

The beret is worn by sales reps who use jargon that makes about as much business sense to prospects as beatnik poetry recited in a faux-French accent.

Are your sales reps using language that their leads don’t understand? If so, the problem probably isn’t that they’re superfluous, but that they’re targeting the wrong leads.

If your reps have been targeting leads that don’t have a direct need for the products or services your company is offering, consider outsourcing your lead qualification, scoring, and nurturing sales tasks to a lead generation company that specializes in your industry. Just like berets, unqualified leads have no place in the workplace (unless, of course, you happen to be a beret manufacturer).

The Aviator Hat

Sales reps who wear aviator hats—you know, the hats with the enormous earflaps—are the reps who can only hear their own voices. They’re so attached to their scripts or pitches that they can’t really hear what their prospects are telling them, and therefore, tend to offer too much, not enough, or irrelevant information.

It can be difficult to change aviator reps’ habits, but providing training that emphasizes that communication isn’t just about talking or pitching, but about listening, can help bring your aviators back down to Earth.

Determining which training processes to adjust or whether you need to integrate new training may require the use of sales management consulting services. A good sales management consultant can determine the areas in which your team needs to improve and help you implement appropriate changes.

The bottom line is that the only hats your internal sales team should be wearing are sales hats.

Do you have too many newsboy cap wearers—sales reps who deliver enough good information win a few accounts here and there, but aren’t high earners? Do you look across your office and see a sea full of graduation caps? Perhaps you need to change your hiring practices, or to provide your staff with more or better training. Got a lot of guys and gals in top hats? Are they prospecting effectively, or just putting on a good performance?

If your sales reps are wearing anything other than sales hats, contact Vendere Partners. We won’t judge your team for its unusual headgear, and we’ll work with you to assess your team’s weaknesses and optimize its sales processes.

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