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Test Your Lead Generation Business Knowledge

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, May 17, 2012 @ 10:05 AM

Man studying a bookThere are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to lead generation business.  Below, Vendere Partners tries to dispel some of the common myths.  Test your knowledge by taking our quick, six-question true or false quiz.
1. True or false?  All lead generation companies are the same.

False.  Just as some doctors, lawyers, educators, and other professionals are better than others, some lead generation companies are better than others.  Don’t assume that all of them are the same because they appear to offer similar services.

2. True or false?  You can get the same results with a lead generation company as you can get by hiring additional employees.

True AND false.  If you’re dealing with a bad or so-so lead generation company, yes, you can get similar results from outsourcing as you might from hiring additional employees.  If you’re dealing with a company like Vendere Partners, you are apt to get much better results than you would get from hiring additional staff, particularly if you don’t already have an expansive sales and marketing support system in place.

If you hire additional reps, but your basic sales needs remain the same, you can actually create more problems than you solve.  Vendere’s cost-effective services are designed to empower your current sales staff and maximize their efforts.  When you receive quality leads and launch successful campaigns on a regular basis, you can grow your business organically.  Businesses that grow organically hire additional reps because company growth requires it—not because a lack of revenue makes it seem necessary.

3. True or false?  All lead generation companies gather, use, and deliver similar leads lists.

False.  There are a lot of fly-by-night lead generation companies that use the same leads lists over and over again, and/or simply access leads from resources they find on the Web that can provide them with leads lists that fit their budgets.  

Reputable companies will provide you with lists of leads that have been qualified according to criteria that your company has helped set.  At Vendere, we have an extensive proprietary database of contacts.  We continually perform the in-house functions required to make sure that any and all leads delivered to clients meet specific criteria, and that all leads lists are customized according to the needs of the client.

4. True or false?  Some lead generation companies will try to turn a quick buck by insisting you need services other than the ones really needed.

True.  Some lead generation companies will insist you need services other than those you requested without proving that you actually need those services.  Instead of doing a proper analysis of your business, they use sales speak and slick tactics to convince you to sign up for services that may or may not bring you a lot of value.  

Vendere, on the other hand, will always provide you with accurate analyses that reveal precisely which services you need as well as identify the areas in which you’re excelling.  No Vendere prospect signs on the dotted line without having a very good idea of how each service to be rendered will fit their needs.

5. True or false?  Lead generation company employees will always try to make leads seem more promising than they really are.

False.  The only reason an employee at a lead generation company would strive to score leads inaccurately is because the company rewarded them for doing so.  At a reputable lead generation company like Vendere, we reward employees for accuracy.  The psychological and technical criteria we use make it virtually impossible for employees to qualify or score leads inaccurately.  We never reward employees for trying to make leads appear more sales-ready than they are in actuality.  Our internal philosophy regarding lead qualification is simple:  accuracy, accuracy, accuracy.  

6. True of false?  All lead generation companies hire project/prospect managers and telemarketing agents that have experience selling within their clients’ industries.

False.  Run-of-the-mill lead generation companies routinely hire inexperienced telemarketers rather than experienced sales representatives in order to save on costs.  They don’t take into consideration how well versed potential sales representatives are in the industries they will be serving prior to hiring them, and rely on basic training to get the most out of “green” employees.  

One of the reasons Vendere stands apart from other lead generation companies is that its managers strive to hire employees who have a deep understanding of the industries Vendere serves.  In addition, Vendere does more than simply provide employees with preliminary training.  Ongoing training occurs throughout the year.

Not all lead generation companies are the same—not by a long shot.  It can be difficult to determine which ones have the stuff that will get you the results you desire and which are simply mimicking their better counterparts, but if you put aside your assumptions and ask the right questions, it can be relatively easy to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Vendere isn’t the only choice, but it’s a better choice.  Contact Vendere today to find out how our team can make a difference in your company.

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