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When Selecting a Lead Generation Partner, Watch Out For Elmer Fudd

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Apr 26, 2012 @ 10:04 AM

Eye ball watching out for Elmer FuddLead generation is one of the most effective ways to acquire new customers. Whether you are running a B2B or B2C company, you can benefit from lead generation through telemarketing.

There are four main elements to consider when choosing a lead generation/telemarketing firm: 1. trained staff, 2. integration capabilities, 3. cost vs. value, and 4. results.

1. Trained Staff

To save on costs, some lead generation/telemarketing firms simply hire college students or workers with limited sales experience who are willing to work at a low pay rate. When it’s a company’s policy to hire inexperienced staff, inevitably, high turnover occurs. That there is a general lack of commitment on the part of the sales staff is a given.

It is important to look for a company that is committed to hiring the right individuals for the industries it serves, and that provides adequate and ongoing training. No one wants to learn they’ve been relying on Elmer Fudd when they’ve been paying for Hamlet. Work with a company that has high standards when it comes to hiring and training practices; otherwise, you will wind up giving your money away to a firm that is less than top-notch.

2. Integration Capabilities

It’s true that Hamlet went a little crazy in the end, but at least he was eloquent. At Vendere Partners, what makes us crazy are lead generation companies that don’t bother to get to know their clients and how best to serve them.

Outsourced telemarketers should not act as a separate part of your company. To generate quality leads, work with a lead generation firm that will make a concerted effort to understand your business and what it is their telemarketers will need to be able to help you build it. Any outsourced sales team should be equipped to work with your internal sales team to deliver the leads that will convert into sales. After all, turning leads into paying customers is the name of the game. If your current outsourced sales team doesn’t understand your big picture or don't have the expertise, technologies, or processes required to help you meet them, ditch it and partner with a lead generation firm that does.

3. Cost vs. Value

When it comes to lead generation, Hamlet might say: To be, or not to be gouged by billing— that is the question.

As far as Vendere is concerned, whether or not you will be gouged by billing shouldn’t be a question, but out of the question.

Any business owner wants to maximize the return on his or her investment. If the cost of a sales campaign or telemarketing initiative is exorbitant, the leads you get may not be able to justify the investment you’re considering making. The rate you’re charged should always be reasonable.

4. Results

Many telemarketing lead generation firms will gladly accept your business—even when they aren’t capable of meeting your needs. Watch out for firms that claim that they can do the work, but can’t provide proof that they have the capacity to handle your requirements. If a firm that isn’t able to meet your needs does hoodwink you into entering an agreement, you’ll know it’s time to end the agreement when its representatives start making excuses instead of offering solutions and delivering results.

Shakespeare may be challenging to interpret, but what shouldn’t be difficult to interpret are the results of your investment in lead generation through telemarketing.

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