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What to Expect from Your Event Promotion Partner

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Apr 17, 2012 @ 09:04 AM

When a company hosts an event, the to-do list can seem endless. There are committees to be formed, press releases to be written, venues to book, people to invite, and much, much more.

In her article, “How to Get the Best Crowd at Your Event,” Inc.com columnist Gabrielle M. Blue makes this recommendation: “If you're holding a large-scale event, you might need to think beyond your company's own customers or your natural audience to draw a significant crowd.
So, enlist help."

Some of the things you can expect a professional event promotion company to do include:

Newspaper boy• offer you a choice of venues that are relevant to your particular company event,
• negotiate contracts and develop budgets for all areas of the event,
• take care of the décor, entertainment, food and beverages, and
• provide event promotion services, event marketing services, and event registration services.

The most challenging aspects of event management are undoubtedly event promotion, marketing, and registration. Attempting to perform the tasks associated with these functions without the assistance of a qualified third party can be exceedingly difficult. Fortunately, when you know what it is you’re looking for in an event promotion company, it is relatively easy to find a partner that will make planning your next event a breeze.

Event Promotion Services

When choosing an event promotion partner, look for professionals who understand your business and are experienced in promoting events similar in scope to the event you’re going to be participating in or hosting. Event promotion professionals who know how to promote your type of event will be able to use their existing relationships and resources to market your event more effectively than a partner that is only vaguely familiar with your industry.

Event Marketing Services

Event marketing services aren’t about attracting as many people as possible to your event; they’re about attracting the right people. They’re also essential for acquiring enough qualified, sales-ready leads and potential partners to make your event worthwhile. Seek out event promotion professionals that practice high-level marketing and have processes in place that will enable them to reach your target audience versus a company that provides minimal or blanket marketing services.

Event Registration Services

You can’t expect to host an organized event if your registration process isn’t organized. Things you don’t want are too few people to fill your venue or a venue full of people that are only there for the free giveaways, live music, or shrimp puffs. What you do want is an impressive list of registrants that will convert into actual attendees who are expecting to get a value out of the products or services you’re exhibiting. Event registration takes careful planning. Before you hire an event promotion partner, learn about their registration processes. Do they register attendees by phone, e-mail, via the Web, or direct mail? What information is gathered about each registrant? How will the information be used? Do they send event invitation reminders?

You need to focus on the products and services you’re promoting—not event promotion details. An event promotion partner that has experience working within your industry, understands your target markets and how to market to them, and has a high conversion rate (a solid record of turning registrants into attendees), can help you get the return on investment you deserve by allowing you to focus on what’s most important.

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