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Sales Event or Political Rally? Potato/Potahto.

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Apr 5, 2012 @ 10:04 AM

How many times have you invested in sales event promotion only to wonder whether the time and resources you’ve spent on planning and execution will actually result in enough wins to justify your expenditures?

At Vendere Partners, one of our goals is to ensure that our clients never again have to wonder if their investment in sales event promotion will pay off. To meet this goal, we register quality leads and convert them into sales-ready attendees on behalf of our clients every day.dark question 2

Nevertheless, with all the talk surrounding the upcoming presidential election—and specifically,
the arguments over why we should or shouldn’t buy what candidates are selling—we recently found ourselves wondering: Is it possible politicos could teach us a few things about how to approach sales events?

A sales campaign may not be quite the same thing as a political campaign, but you have to admit, when it comes to politics and sales, there are some striking similarities. A few of them have to do with:

Informal Definitions

Some define politics as the art of looking for problems, finding them everywhere, identifying them poorly, and then implementing the incorrect solutions.

Others define sales as the art of looking for money, finding it nowhere, identifying the reasons you’re finding it nowhere, and then utilizing the same tired sales scripts.

By these definitions, a synonym for both words might be “insanity.”

Excessive Toothiness

Whether it’s a political rally or sales event, you can bet your political button or stick-on nametag that there will be no shortage of excessive—and often ridiculous—smiles on the faces of the organizers.

The Village Idiot

Whether you’re running for office or selling software, if he’s got a big enough pocketbook, he’s going to get invited to your next event.


If you believe that diapers, political leaders, and sales event marketers all need to be changed regularly, the current ones in your life are probably full of…

Political Policies and Event Promotion Tactics

Both can be changed willy-nilly, depending on the target audience.

Whether or not there’s anything of value to be learned from politicos about sales event promotion remains a question. What we’re 100 percent certain of is that comparing politics and sales is a whole heck of a lot of fun.

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