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Lead Scoring & Why You Need It

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Mar 27, 2012 @ 08:03 AM

Shot on targetEvery business is looking to market their products and services to the best possible leads. The process of finding qualified leads was once a relatively simple one, but in today's highly competitive marketplace, finding the right leads isn’t so easy.

Lead Generating Companies

Lead generation companies are companies that specialize in targeting qualified leads in your market. The best lead generation companies will craft a lead generation package that will produce the sales leads that will drive revenue and positively impact your bottom line. A key part of the lead qualification process is giving each and every qualified lead a score. Lead scoring is the process of classifying each lead according to its place in the sales cycle.

Lead Scoring Explained

The purpose of lead scoring is to understand each lead’s place in the sales funnel at any given time. Before a lead is scored, a scoring system has to be created. This system needs to be agreed upon and understood by sales and marketing departments in order to be implemented properly and remain effective.

Lead scores can be extremely intricate. Sometimes, businesses will use a series of numbers and letters to assign a status to a lead. Often, this is not ideal or necessary. Simple scores, if they’re clearly defined, can provide you with all of the information about a lead that you really need. Vendere Partners, for example, scores leads as hot, warm, or nurture leads. What constitutes each type of score can be complex, but when you know what “hot,” “warm,” and “nurture,” mean as they pertain to your organization, you don’t need a series of numbers and letters and a reference guide in order to determine your next best move as a sales professional.

Once a solid scoring system is in place, like scores can go into the same bucket so that you can launch truly targeted sales campaigns. The more organized you are, the better you will be able to understand and address each individual lead, and the more returns you’ll get on your investments in sales and marketing.

Lead Generation Services

That the lead generation business is booming is proof enough that there is not only a need for lead generation services, but that lead generation works. Nevertheless, many companies do not engage outside lead generation companies, usually, to their detriment. Professional lead generating companies are in the business specifically because they know what it takes to locate the right leads, score them, and market to them, and have the resources and expertise to complete these tasks skillfully. For obvious reasons, most companies aren’t able to focus on lead generation—and the truth is, they shouldn’t! They should let the professionals handle it. The benefits of doing so typically far outweigh the risks.

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