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Getting the Most Out of Your B2B Lead Generation Partnership

Posted by Vendere Team on Fri, Mar 23, 2012 @ 08:03 AM

Lead generation is critical to your business. You need to have leads in order to market your services and products to a certain number of credible prospects and keep your sales pipeline flowing.

B2B lead generation is one of the most lucrative tools you can use to achieve sales. Because information is so readily available today, using blanket marketing campaigns has become largely ineffective in the B2B world. You now have to find your targets—qualified leads that actually need what your company offers—and market to them purposefully and strategically.Dollar

Customizable B2B Lead Generation Packages

If today’s market requires that you better define your targets, it only makes sense to look into B2B lead generation services that do more than offer the same package to every type of customer. For your sales campaigns to be effective, you need customizable lead generation packages that will enable you to bring what you do best to the companies and prospects who need it the most.

Below are three of the most powerful B2B lead generation solutions readily available to businesses today. How much or how little you need of each can be determined by your third-party lead generation partner, provided they have the technology and expertise required to adapt their solutions to your business’s needs.

1. Appointment Setting.

Appointment setters reach out to qualified leads and make appointments with viable prospects on behalf of your internal or outsourced sales team. Good appointment setters are invaluable because they eliminate the need for sales staff to spend time on completing appointment-setting tasks rather than on making actual sales.

2. Event Audience Acquisition.

How many times have you participated in a trade show or hosted your own event only to be disappointed later by the return on your investment? A lead generating company that has experience operating within your industry should not only be able to fill your special event with qualified prospects, but achieve a conversion rate when it comes to registration versus actual attendees that is well above average.

3. Lead Qualification and Scoring.

Based on criteria that you help set, a lead generation firm should employ telemarketing techniques that turn any and all prospects into sales-ready leads, and then rank them according to the value of each opportunity so that you know what’s what before you follow up.

Choosing a B2B Lead Generation Company

Having thousands of lead generation companies to choose from can make trying to pinpoint which lead generation company will be right for your company considerably difficult. While there are many factors to consider during the decision-making process, there are four that stand out. They are: 1. cost, 2. competition, 3. agreement terms, and 4. lead sources.

How much is each qualified lead going to cost you? How many of the lead generation company’s clients are using the same leads? Does the agreement you’re expected to sign contain a large number of limitations? Where do the leads come from? Does the lead generation company have its own database, or do they rely solely on outside sources?

The lead generation company that wins your business should be able to answer all of the above questions without hesitation. In addition, its representatives should be ready and willing to work side by side with you to gain a thorough understanding of the unique aspects of your business. Communication is key. If you have difficulty voicing your concerns and expectations at the onset of your engagement with a lead generation company, you can bet you’ll receive same limited amount of attention after a contract is signed.

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