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Event Promotion Services—Dispelling the High-Cost Myth

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Mar 6, 2012 @ 09:03 AM

Maybe you're a brand new business and want to let everyone know what you do and what
you offer. Maybe you have a new product or service to promote. Maybe you've been in business for a while, but aren’t bringing in the amount of revenue you thought you’d be
bringing in by now.

There are many valid reasons to consider hosting a company event. Unfortunately,Nest Egg II
many growing companies’ first event attempts are futile sales/marketing endeavors that yield

unimpressive results. Consequently, the companies abandon the idea of future event-related sales endeavors pretty quickly.

This can be a huge mistake. When company events are unsuccessful, it is usually due to a lack of support prior, during, and after the events—not because events, on the whole, are ineffective.

Instead of writing off events as viable sales tools because first attempts failed, make your next attempts better by obtaining support from sales event experts. Hiring experienced event promotion professionals to oversee the details of your company’s next event can keep you from missing out on valuable sales opportunities and get you the high return on investment you’ve been seeking.

Dispelling the High-Cost Myth

When companies try to take on the task of organizing their events without third-party assistance, they usually do so because it is assumed that hosting an event isn’t all that difficult, and also, that hiring an event promotion company will cost too much money.

In reality, planning a successful company event is a complex undertaking, and often, a job that can be executed by an outside event promotions company less expensively than you might think. Making an event a success requires much more than simply booking a venue and inviting people to show up. It is almost always going to be more cost-effective to hire an event promotion company to take care of event details on your behalf than to plan your event in house.

More Reasons You Should Hire an Event Promotion Company

One obvious reason to hire an event promotion company is to free yourself from having to worry about and manage a myriad of event details. A professional team that specializes in event promotion will know exactly what steps need to be taken when, anticipate costs before they accrue, and help you get the most out of your event budget.

Event planning and promotion experts can also prevent your company from coming across as cheap. As Jim Rendon wrote in his 2011 SmartMoney article on event planning, “Saving money on a big event isn't easy without looking like you've skimped.” Rendon’s article goes on to explain, “Planners know which vendors offer the best prices, and they know how to negotiate a good deal. For example, venue operators are often willing to negotiate price, since so many of their costs are fixed. Planners can also help you save by using vendors that bundle services, like a venue that offers catering, and helping you allocate your budget.”

While removing event details from your plate and helping you to look professional might be enough reasons for you to decide to hire an event promotions company, keep in mind that what will actually bring you the most value is the company’s ability to promote your event in bigger and better ways.

Event promotion company professionals know how to market your event and get maximum participation. They attract qualified, sales-ready attendees through event marketing services that include composing prospect lists and preparing e-mail marketing campaigns, and then help you convert your leads into actual sales. Event promotion company professionals are also able to take care of event registration details and provide services that enable your company to capture valuable prospect data.

Vendere Partners

If you have specific questions regarding the value of using professional event promotion services for your particular business, contact Vendere Partners. One phone call can mean the difference between hosting a successful company event and hosting a costly event that falls flat.

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