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Hiring the Right Appointment Setting Service

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Feb 16, 2012 @ 09:02 AM

Whenever you implement any lead generation initiative, it is important to identify the differences between qualified and unqualified leads. It’s always better to call 10 targeted leads rather than 50 or even 100 unqualified leads. Calling individuals who are neither willing nor able to buy your products or service can become a massive waste of resources and does nothing to boost profits.

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How to choose an appointment setting company

There are a lot of so-called appointment setting companies out there, but how effective are their services? Are they just dialing the phone, or do they have the technology and know-how to accurately interpret and manage customer data?

Dialing the phone without gathering, analyzing, and turning customer data into information you can use to optimize your company’s selling activities is tantamount to hooking fishes and simply throwing them back.  When it comes to hiring an appointment setting company, you should always make sure the firm you choose is able to perform comprehensive data analysis, monitor call history, and create customized reports—before you sign an agreement. You should also verify that their technology is able to accommodate specific user-defined fields that will let you understand customers at a deeper level.

Putting a dollar value on an appointment settings company’s services can be difficult.  Low rates always seem attractive at first glance, but, as you know, low rates often mean you will have to sacrifice a high level of service and/or optimal results.  Instead of choosing the appointment setting firm that has the lowest rates, choose the one that’s going to be able to present you with the best return on your investment.  You don’t want to waste your internal resources on unproductive work that produces, at best, mediocre results.  You’re hiring an appointment setting company because you want more sales, after all.  Before hiring an appointment setter, trust your instincts, but also do your research.  Make sure that in addition to having the staff and technology needed to set valuable appointments, the firm you choose has a history of providing client satisfaction.

What you can expect from an appointment setting service

Depending on the agreement between your company and the appointment setter, appointment setting-related reports should be generated on a daily or weekly basis. These reports should list the contact numbers of the contacts and the date when the appointment was set.  The appointment setter may also be able to provide a list of management services.

Not all appointment setting services are created equal. Some providers may give you an out-of-the-box solution that doesn’t meet the requirements of your firm; others may give you reports in standard formats that do not provide as much insight as customized reports.  You can avoid receiving reports that won’t work for your company by working with your appointment setter to agree upon what reports will entail prior to engaging in an appointment setting initiative.

To measure the effectiveness of your reports, look at your appointment setter’s productivity track record. How many leads were they able to generate? Did these prospects ultimately lead to conversion or not? High conversion rates mean that you’ve hired a firm with a good targeting metric.

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