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6 Industries that Benefit from Appointment Setting Services

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Feb 9, 2012 @ 10:02 AM

6 industries benefit from appointment setting

Appointment setting services can be of value in almost any industry. Engaging prospects on a personal level is essential to starting business relationships and the primary way to keep growing sales is by setting appointments.

Whether you’re operating as a lone entity or part of a global sales team, at some level, you have to engage in appointment setting in addition to lead generation in order to keep your sales pipeline flowing.

While appointment setting services can be of value to nearly any organization, in general, service-oriented businesses seem to benefit from them the most. Below is a list of six service-oriented sectors and descriptions of the benefits they typically receive through appointment setting services.

1. IT Services and Consulting

Trusting a company’s information technology system to another firm can be a difficult step. That’s why it is critical to establish trust through initial appointments. Meeting the provider face to face allows a company executive to gauge competence and trustworthiness.

2. Software (Enterprise Versions)

If your company is implementing a new software program, it is important to note that the development phase can be long and complicated. Appointment setting services connect the vendor with the buyer so that they can iron out the details before the project starts.

3. Marketing

Services like marketing are often outsourced when a company does not have an in-house team of marketing professionals. A number of marketing firms get the majority of their clients through appointment setting services.

4. Finance

The bulk of financial services are based on relationships. Just as an individual investor needs an agent or broker to perform transactions on his or her behalf, companies need lead generation and appointment setting services to locate and engage their clients.

5. Commercial Real Estate

For many real estate agents, appointment setting services are simply a part of life. After all, they need to meet with buyers to show properties. It is common for agents to use lead generation or appointment setting services.

6. Life Sciences

Lead generation and appointment setting have created millions of dollars in enterprise-level opportunities for life science laboratories through Vendere Partners alone. We can say from experience that this is definitely an industry that benefits from these services!

There are qualified lead generation and appointment setting firms that specialize in one or more different sectors, including those listed above.

While it is generally recommended that you go with an appointment setter that has expertise in your industry, appointment setters with experience in other fields can also provide outstanding services. Check out the reputation and case studies of any lead generation and appointment setting firm before signing the contract. You may be pleasantly surprised to find a company with less experience in your sector can have great effectiveness in reaching your target market, ultimately providing a better fit and more opportunities for your sales team. 

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