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How to Skyrocket Sales Without all the Headaches

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Feb 2, 2012 @ 10:02 AM

Hangover 2Sound like an impossible dream? It doesn't have to be. You may just need to do a little  reprioritizing.

Whether you’re in engineering, design, software, or another technology-based industry, chances are you didn’t get into it because you had a burning desire to spend your days dealing with sales headaches. You recognize that every company needs sales to remain viable, but suspect that if sales took up less of your time and resources, your company would actually be better off.

Ask yourself:  If I could eliminate the sales-related minutia I deal with daily, how much more effective would I be? What benefits would my team reap? How would my company benefit in the short and long term?


When you have the right partner, business-to-business (B2B) lead generation can free you to focus on your core business at higher level, open more doors, and help you realize goals you’d once thought beyond your reach. You can concentrate on what you know best and enjoy the benefits of ever-increasing sales without suffering from the sales-related headaches that once hindered your ability to reach your full potential.

A turn-key sales program can not only generate sales, but provide you with a wide array of supporting services that will make your new sales program work well. These services could include:

• B2B lead generation,
• lead scoring,
• demand generation,
• appointment setting services, and
• anything else that takes the nuisances out of sales and marketing.

Naturally, you will want to pick an experienced outsource team with a sterling track record—a record for helping technology firms of your size and in your market segment. You will also want to be able to pick and choose which functions you outsource. There is no one-size-fits-all outsourcing solution. Your company and its sales processes are unique. You need to work with a partner that is able to parcel out its solutions and provide you with a customized program that suits your organization.

Minimizing your ramp-up period will be another priority. A truly qualified outsource team should be equipped to tighten your ramp-up period quickly and utilize its understanding of your products, service line, and market niche to start generating revenue streams sooner rather than later.

Having the right outsource team in place enables you to develop and meet new revenue goals with greater ease as your organization grows. When you are able to realize the next tier, the next tier, and the next at a faster rate, you and your people are free to continuously challenge yourselves to operate at higher levels, and your entire organization benefits.

What if, all of a sudden, you had:

• rave reviews and testimonials from your existing and new customers,
• detailed reports from your sales outsourcing company, and
• bank statements showing deposits made?

These things would certainly be a whole lot more useful (and more productive) than truckload of aspirin.

Vendere Partners is an outsourcing company that provides these things, and more, to its clients every day. We tailor clients’ sales programs to suit their unique situations. If B2B appointment setting is not optimal for your particular circumstances, sales management consulting may be a better solution. We allow you to take as much or as little "headache" off your plate as you deem appropriate, and provide appropriate recommendations along the way.

It takes tools and methods that are adaptable and scalable to increase sales and sales potential. Vendere works with you to develop a plan of attack that is right for your company.

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