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Rethinking B2B Lead Generation

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Jan 19, 2012 @ 10:01 AM

Not all sales and marketing teams are created equal. Naturally, some are better than others. And let's face it, B2B lead generation is not getting any easier and times are tough.

There was a day when a paper list from one or more standard industrial classification (SIC) categories was just about all you needed. Sales people did lots of legwork—perusing "the list," making cold calls, working leads, developing materials, and setting appointments. That archaic formula is all but dead.

Many businesses would rather concentrate on their core competencies than on sales research and lead generation. In these days of web-based information, international communications, and outsourcing, this dream is not only possible, but downright easy.

Highly Specialized, Rapidly Changing

peopleBusiness-to-business lead generation is a highly specialized market and technology lead generation is even more specialized. As you already know, the technology marketplace is one of the most rapidly changing industry sectors.  Sales lead generation within such a volatile environment requires a team that can adapt quickly to those changes—to think on its feet and shift gears in the middle of an operation.

Quality Counts

More than ever, the quality of leads is superseding the quantity of leads in importance. Certainly, you can start with quantity at the front end of your funnel, but unless lead scoring and lead qualification are implemented to separate the "wheat from the chaff," your company may not crank out sales rapidly enough to sustain your operation. Qualified lead generation is becoming critical to success. More and more, you need your sales force to be building relationships and closing deals, NOT database mining, hunting for viable prospects, and scheduling and rescheduling appointments.


Yes, lead generation outsourcing can help you streamline your marketing and sales operation and keep your funnel lean and laser-focused. There are many lead generation programs available. It remains prudent to study the offerings thoroughly and compare available services, track records, and the depth of operations.

Besides lead generation services, does the business include demand generation, event promotion services, event registration services, appointment setting services and sales management consulting? Even if you don't want the entire package, a company that offers a thorough, turn-key package is more likely to have you covered when you rely on them to deliver.

Vendere Partners stands out in the lead generation industry by covering the entire spectrum of marketing and sales funnel needs. Need telemarketing lead generation?  We have it—and everything else on the list. In fact, you can outsource one aspect or your entire sales funnel operation.

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