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B2B Revenue Generating Tactics: International

Posted by Vendere Team on Thu, Jan 7, 2016 @ 09:01 AM


Generating revenue is essential no matter what services your B2B offers, but it can seem a daunting task when expanding your business outside of the United States. Not only are you forced to learn and keep up with a whole new set of regulations and laws, but you also have to reach a brand new audience, create a new network from scratch, and introduce your brand in a way that resonates with this new market.

Now, obviously, there will be major differences from expanding your business to China vs. England. Not only is there a language barrier, but the culture can present differences that you need to adhere to in your revenue generating tactics. But as a general guideline, these tactics can prove useful as you tap into a new market.

Expand Your Online Presence

Before you can really hit the ground running, you have got to create an online presence in your new market. This means a couple of important things need to happen:

  • Claim relevant website domains (.co.uk, .it, .fr, etc.). Try to claim the same domain as your U.S. website as this will keep your brand consistent.
  • Update your website. Whether this means translating your current content, if applicable, or redesigning your entire website to speak to your new audience, it is important to make sure your website is a powerful lead generation machine that is ready to work for you even in an international setting.
  • Expand (and Adjust) Campaigns. Ensure your PPC campaigns include your target countries, as well as providing the right content and contact information for the locality.
  • Learn the SEO lay of the land. Google, surprisingly, does not dominate every country. Learning what search engines do, and how their algorithms work is essential for getting found in your new market.
  • Create a content strategy. Even if you are targeting primarily English speakers, you may still need to update your content strategy to be more relevant to your new target audience, as well as utilizing the appropriate language.

Adjust Your Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy may be very successful in the States, but that doesn’t mean it should be implemented exactly in your new, international market. Instead, do the market research and create a marketing plan around that research.

From there you may be able to recycle pieces of your marketing and your processes. But keep in mind that activities like cold calling may require some adjustments based on the language and culture.

Take Advantage of Local Opportunities

A different locality means a whole new set of opportunities to take advantage of. Learning where your ideal customers are spending their time will help you increase your visibility and generate more revenue.

  • Attend trade shows. You want to start building and expanding a network. Having your business attend local trade shows can be a great way to start building brand awareness and
  • Host sales events. This method is a powerful way to attract high quality leads and utilize the interpersonal skills of your sales team.
  • Provide local customer service. If at all possible you should have an office or customer support line for your clients that both speaks their language and operates during their normal business hours. This can alleviate any concerns a customer might have when doing business with you.

Expanding your business into international markets requires a great deal of repositioning in your marketing strategy. But following these tips can assist your B2B generate revenue no matter what market you are attempting to enter.     


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