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B2B Revenue Generating Tactics: Develop Emerging Growth

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Aug 25, 2015 @ 14:08 PM

arrow showing upward business growthWhether you built it for yourself or have recently joined an emerging growth company, the chance to develop any enterprise is exciting. But there’s no doubt that keeping up the momentum that got the business to where it is comes with challenges.


That’s where these B2B revenue generating tactics come in. Mixing them into your plan can help shed light on the path to further progress and capitalize on the growth you’ve already achieved.

Update Your Marketing Strategy

Even if your pipeline is steady, taking a big picture view of your marketing can show you opportunities to tweak your current plan. You might even consider adding in tactics like:



Making the right adjustments in this area can make all the difference to your revenue stream.

Boost Customer Lifetime Value

Businesses with 40% repeat customers generated nearly 50% more revenue than similar businesses with only 10% repeat customers. If you want to generate more revenue, generating more value from your existing customers is an effective--and often overlooked--way to go.


Of course, providing a positive experience with your solution and your employees is the most popular way to ensure repeat customers. But you can also increase loyalty by trying out tactics like:


  • Interacting with social media posts that mention your company. (By commenting, retweeting, etc.)

  • Asking for feedback and thanking them for it. If you implement a suggestion they made, give them credit.

  • Showing your appreciation for their business. You can host an event or simply send a handwritten note to say ‘thank you.’


Implementing even one or two of these tactics can keep clients coming back and turn them into promoters for your business.

Increase Average Price Per Sale

You can provide more value for your client and more value to your company in a variety of ways by:


  • Bundling Services

  • Cross Selling

  • Upselling

  • Selling Larger Units


Consider whether your marketing team could better position these opportunities to prospects or if your sales team could use more training in these areas. The results from including these strategies could be significant to your bottom line.

Generating revenue to develop an emerging growth company is often a matter of shifting gears in strategy and implementing the right tactics. Making these adjustments is worth the work once you start to see revenues climb and watch your company move closer to its goals.

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