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The 5 most important things that are important in serving Latin American Clients.

Posted by Gary Crosby on Mon, Jun 4, 2018 @ 11:06 AM



Growing your business to Latin America, try our top 5 tips to increase your success.


  1. Culture

There is no point in finding the ideal profile of your operators if your company does not have a culture focused on relating to your customers and having them as the focal point of your strategy. Make it very clear what the purpose of the company is, its vision, mission and values.


  1. Be friendly

Personal relationships have a strong influence on the way Latin American’s approach business. Before doing business with you, a Latin American business contact will want to get to know you as a person first. This takes time but the importance of forming good, local business partnerships cannot be overestimated.

  1. Examine your own approach

Latin Americans are very sensitive to the approach made by non-Latin Americans seeking to do business in their countries. The business approach with a nice attitude in most Latin American countries is very cosmopolitan, some having gained considerable experience abroad, travelling extensively.

Be aware of trying to impose your own way of doing things, or of trying to do things the American way, the British way, the German way etc. The Latin American way may not sit comfortably with your usual approach but that does not mean it will be bad for your business. And, being completely blunt, you are, after all, the one moving in. When in Rome (or Latin America)

  1. Understand the Latin American style of communication

Latin Americans generally are friendly, sociable, respectful – and they don’t like to offend. They are chatty (so meetings can last longer than expected. Many non-Latin Americans view this latter trait as negative. However, a ‘yes’ that means ‘no’ has the potential to move towards a ‘yes’ meaning ‘yes’, once the individual has had the opportunity to get to know you better. Complicated? Not really; not when you understand how it works.


  1. Slow down!

The pace of life in Latin America is very different to the UK. The pace varies from country to country but as a general rule of thumb, you are advised to allow at least 25% more time to complete projects in Latin America compared to the UK – and be prepared to be very flexible with time keeping.


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