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7 Methods for More Effective Lead Acquisition

Posted by Vendere Team on Tue, Aug 30, 2016 @ 09:08 AM

lead acquisitionLead acquisition is an essential aspect of your sales and marketing strategy. But it can often feel like an uphill battle trying to generate new leads, especially during the slow summer months when your pool of leads seems to slowly dwindle away.

Implementing these 7 lead acquisition methods will allow you to pick up speed and end the quarter, and even the year, on a high note.

1. Events

Events are clearly not dead in the sales and marketing world, and they are one of the most effective ways to acquire some of the highest quality leads. Whether this means inviting prospects to a lunch and learn, or hosting a booth at a trade show, a well planned event is a powerful tool that attracts high quality leads for your business.

That being said, many businesses host great events, but fail to follow-up afterwards. Keep in mind your job doesn’t end once you acquire a new lead. Get more out of your acquisition strategies with the right lead nurturing in place.

2. Downloadable Offers

Attending an event is a fairly large commitment, one that not all prospects are ready to make. So if generating more leads is your goal, offering downloadable resources on your website in exchange for a leads information gives potential leads a chance to express interest in your content, without the time commitment of an event. An effective offer could be anything from a checklist, an ebook, a whitepaper, or a case study that provides valuable information about your industry.

3. Email Marketing

While often thought of as primarily a way to nurture leads, email marketing can also prove useful in acquiring new leads. The right data list and email campaign can spark a relationship that goes the distance. Plus, this lead acquisition method is fairly low cost but is still extremely effective due to the personal nature of receiving email.

4. Blogging

The right blog post can generate tons of new traffic to your website, resulting in brand new leads that have the potential to eventually turn into clients. Blogging supports your search engine optimization efforts, making it easy to find your business website. It can also perform double duty by providing your sales team with a plethora of useful follow-up material for various conversations with leads and prospects.

5. Social Media

Social media offers a platform for easily finding and developing new relationships with people who have similar interests. And when it comes to lead generation, social media can be highly effective. You can use it to share downloadable offers or blogs, you can start conversations with others who are interested in similar things, or you can even interact with people who attended the same event that you did! However you choose to use it, social media should not be overlooked in your lead acquisition strategy.

6. Paid Search

If you’re looking to generate leads more quickly, paid search is the way to go. This method is a great way to boost visibility in search results and target leads who are searching online using specific keywords. If you're struggling with filling your sales funnel quickly, this is the best method for doing so.

7. Cold Calling

Cold calling often has a bad reputation in today’s digital world. But this method is actually an extremely powerful way to generating leads, especially when combined with other methods such as email or events. Keep in mind that cold calling is a numbers game, but there are also ways to ensure you and your team are well prepared to handle these phone calls in a way that generates results.

These 7 methods give you options for your lead acquisition. Choose one method to start with, or combine a few together to start generating more leads and results for your business. With the right lead acquisition, you will be well on your way to ending the year with strong sales numbers.

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