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Thought-Provoking Quotes from the World’s 10 Richest Techies


Vendere Partners recently looked to Forbes’ list of “The World’s Richest In Tech Billionaires 2013” for inspiration on various fronts, and found it. Below are some of the Vendere team’s favorite, thought-provoking quotes from the 10 technology innovators at the top of the list.

10 Ways to Be Unsuccessful at Appointment Setting


There are plenty of articles out there on how to be successful at appointment setting, but how many articles have you read on how to be unsuccessful at appointment setting? At Vendere Partners, we’ve developed a tongue-in-cheek list of 10 things you can do to ensure that you become a complete and total appointment setting disaster. We hope it gives you a few chuckles—and maybe a few insights, too.

Setting the Stage—and the Right Expectations


Have you ever known someone who was great at something—like singing, for example—but constantly downplayed his or her abilities? Humility is an admirable quality, but when people downplay their assets or the experience they can provide by too wide a margin, it can easily come off as insecurity, or worse, manipulation. If someone tells you that he can barely carry a tune and then sings a difficult aria with perfect pitch, wouldn’t you wonder what his motive was for setting the expectation that his vocal abilities were just barely up to snuff?

3 Ways to Make You & Your Sales Pitch Memorable


One of the hardest things to do during any initial sales call or presentation is to create a memorable experience. Below are three things you can do to help ensure that you and your pitch will be remembered.

Miss Manners Should Teach Social Media Etiquette


Have you ever wondered what Miss Manners would have to say about your company's social media etiquette? As a kind of experiment, we pulled some of our favorite Miss Manners quotes from The Washington Post and applied them to seven questions we often hear from our customers when it comes to social media behaviors. As we suspected, using good manners seems to be the surest way to maintain a respectable reputation, no matter the platform. Enjoy!

Just for Fun: 9 Event Planning & Logistics Jokes


Event planning and event logistics are no jokes, but it turns out, joking about them can be pretty fun. Below are nine jokes that explain why your business might need a new event planning and logistics services provider.

Carrying Around Customers Like Excess Baggage?


If you’ve seen the movie, Meet the Parents, you probably identified with Greg Focker, Ben Stiller’s character, as he struggled with supplementing his wardrobe and other personal items when the airline lost his luggage. Who likes dealing with airline customer service, watching the luggage carousel go around and around and around, worrying about the potential ramifications of losing the items in your luggage for good, and then, finally, having to endure that uncomfortable moment when you have to ask to borrow PJs from your significant other’s relatives just to have something to sleep in other than the clothes you wore on the plane?

Vendere Q4 - Current & Future Opportunities

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Here at Vendere Partners, we make more than 10,000 touches per day to IT professionals across the US. On a quarterly basis, we provide insights into where we are having success, solutions that are hot in the market, and areas in which there are opportunities. All information is derived through the many conversations we have on behalf of our customers (and from the results of those conversations). Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Obtaining Better Leads Lists through High-Level Data Services


“May I speak to the person in charge of your company’s . . .?” Every front desk person responsible for fielding a company’s calls has heard this type of opening more than once. It doesn’t take long for fielders of these calls to realize that not only do such callers not know the person they’re calling, but that they have no clue as to whether or not the unnamed person they’re trying to reach might have any interest in what it is they have to say. Fielders of these types of cold calls also quickly learn that if they make arduous attempts to connect these cold-callers to the appropriate unnamed person within their organization, the unnamed person is going to resent it, big time. As a result, front desk professionals who want to keep their jobs learn to drop, put on permanent hold, or send uninformed cold-callers directly to voice-mail, where they can easily be ignored and dismissed.

The Overlooked Prospects You Could Be Converting into Leads


You’ve seen them. They look a bit out place. It’s obvious they don’t know their way around. They tend to remain close to the people with whom they arrived. Who are they? They’re the overlooked prospects at the trade show, conference or other networking event you’re attending—the first-timers.

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