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Does E-Commerce Need Brick-and-Mortar in Order to Grow?


Nordstrom acquired the successful e-commerce business HauteLook in 2011. As a result, Nordstrom was able to acquire new customers by allowing’s online shoppers to return items at Nordstrom Rack brick-and-mortar stores. According to an April 2014 article on, an online shopping and style intelligence media site, Pete Nordstrom, EVP of Nordstrom merchandising, stated, “‘When we enabled HauteLook returns to go to any Rack store, we saw that 50 percent of the customers are new. That’s the success.’” He also stated, “‘The idea is if you’re a pure play online, in order to grow, you need a physical presence.’”

How to Stop Muddying up Your E-Mail Marketing Campaign


We've all gotten countless promotional e-mails from companies that seem to be promoting everything under the sun. In today's information-laden age, companies that deliver focused messages rather than generalized or overly complicated messages have a distinct advantage over companies that make what should be simple messages far too complex.

Sales & Marketing Strategy Development Made Simple


You need more new and repeat customers, and you need them all to buy from your company regularly—not just during your high-volume times, and not just during low-volume times. How do you get more prospects and leads thinking about your offerings year round? Start by developing a sales and marketing strategy and calendar.

3 Ways to Manage Disgruntled B2B Customers


Maybe your customer has a service-based complaint; maybe the customer isn’t happy with the person handling his or her account or the time it took for you to deliver service. Maybe your customer is upset due to no real fault of your own; maybe you’re a reseller of a product or piece of technology that turned out to be faulty or full of bugs that you couldn’t have anticipated. No matter what caused your customer to be dissatisfied, there are three things you should always do when a customer makes a complaint or voices a concern.

Just for Fun: 9 Summertime Sales Jokes


Suffering from "sales-itis?" It's the condition that all sales professionals suffer from at some point during the summer months. Symptoms include longings for unscheduled vacations, more sales with less work, footwear other than close-toed dress shoes, and frozen drinks to replace bad coffee and dry creamer.

Stop Losing Clients Now - Lead Nurturing


You work hard to win clients and build relationships, and you spend a lot of time and resources on marketing and selling to them. Why, after all of your efforts, do so many clients slip through the cracks? All of a sudden—Poof!—they’re gone. Where did they go? Why did they go?

Social Media & Hospitality: Getting More Positive Online Reviews


You need high numbers of positive reviews across a variety of social networks and to get them often if you want to improve your rankings on not just the search engines, but on sites like TripAdvisor. You can be getting stellar quality inspection reports and glowing survey results, but if you’re not getting traction on social media, how are prospective guests going to know that your hotel or restaurant should be their hotel or restaurant? If you want to build your fan-base, be competitive and increase guest numbers quickly, having an ongoing, rich presence on social media is a must.

A Better Way to Sell Technology


You may understand the benefits of transitioning to a new technology or system, but chances are many of your prospects do not. You can make statements like, “You will experience virtually no downtime,” or, “The cost-savings you will achieve will be worth the initial implementation costs,” or, “Your information will be kept secure,” but if prospects don’t exit your conversation with at least a basic understanding of how downtime will be prevented, how cost-savings will be achieved, and how their information will be kept secure, they will exit having to base their purchasing decision on how much they believe and trust you and your organization rather than on solid facts.

A Cheesy Take on Lead Qualification, Scoring & Nurturing


Yes, the Vendere Partners team is about to make analogies between cheese-making and lead qualification, scoring and nurturing. Why? We’re just kind of cheesy like that. Plus, the complexities of cheese-making, as we recently discovered after several Google searches and a somewhat awkward phone call with one team member’s extremely cheese-savvy grandmother, funnily enough, do mirror some of the steps required to qualify leads. 

10 Marketing Automation Facts You Should Know


Marketing automation is all the rage, and for good reasons. Powerful marketing automation software makes it possible to reach people on a more personal level and easily track interest levels and responses. It allows you to create a seemingly individualized experience for prospects and customers. It also allows you to get more out of targeted lists of prospects, helps you qualify leads, and makes it easier to retain current customers and cross-sell and resell products and services. In short, it’s a cost-effective sales solution that works—if you know how to use it.

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